Thursday, April 26, 2007

Making an Exception

(Savannah) For you regular readers, this is the last night here. After a couple days of long intense business reviews it will be time to move on tomorrow. And I think this whole crew is pooped.

I have made it a point in these blogs to leave my work out of this. I started writing here months ago for the purpose of getting my mind off what I deal with every day in the business environment to help keep my sanity.

But tonight I will make a quick exception and introduce you to a few folks.

The group that has been gathered here with me this week is from several states including Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana and of course Georgia. Along with my management team we have also had quite a support group here helping us.

For several of these folks, this was their first trip to Savannah. And according to all reports, they were impressed. Although we were holed up for two days in meetings, as you might guess we ate very well. For instance a few of us ate on River Street tonight and a few dined with Paula Dean at her restaurant. I have already shared with you about our meal at Uncle Bubbas. And we didn’t miss any meals in between.

I thought I would show you some pictures of some of the folks who joined me here this week. Included in this photo of the table full of females is a lawyer, a financial guru, an administrative assistant, an area manager and a PhD. Their names in no particular order are Stacey, Mercy, Wanda, Tracy and Cindi. I’ll let you try to figure out who is who. If you can guess the position of these ladies by this photo you will win a prize.

Wanda is my Administrative Assistant and she put this meeting together. As with everything she ever does, it was first class. Today is Admin Assistant Day and we honored her at the meeting with some flowers and a little creative presentation. Wanda and I have worked together now for about 8 years. She keeps me at the right place at the right time but does a whole lot more than that as she supports me and my team in an incredible way. She definitely deserved to be honored.

The other photos show the guys I work with on a daily basis. I actually don’t see them all on a daily basis but I talk with each several times a day. When you read a blog that I write late at night from who knows where, I am usually traveling with one of these guys in the states they cover. I have spent a lot of time with most of these guys the last few years. A couple of these folks started with me this year.

But this group is more than people who work together. Although there has to be a line drawn between friendship and business when you work in the corporate world, these guys are my friends. It just helps to develop personal relationships with the folks you depend on to make you successful. These guys are really amazing and I am more than blessed to work with them.

And I have a feeling most of them read this blog.

And as always I thank you for reading all my ramblings. As I have mentioned, when I am dead and gone one day, my hope is my kids and grandkids will enjoy reading about the places I traveled and the people I met and the people that influenced my life.

In case you haven’t noticed, I work hard at trying to smell the roses along the way.


judy g sanders said...

Smelling the roses is what it's all about. Life is too short not to live it to the fullest. God Bless. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Bubba is looking like a bear.