Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sorry It's My Blog

I apologize in advance for the 98% of you who read this blog. I am quite sure you will be bored to death with these photos posted here. But my family will want to look back on this a few years from now... and anyway - it's my blog.

Taylor Reese Goddard was dedicated Sunday morning at Southside Baptist Church.

John, Tami and Taylor at Dedication Ceremony

John, Tami, Taylor and Kathy at Dedication Ceremony

Holly cooked supper on Saturday night. David and I helped.

Holly cooking on Saturday night.

Luke and Drew

Goddard girls hanging out Saturday night.

John playing with his little girl.

Taylor with her Aunt Holly

Taylor reading with Aunt Lynn, Meme and Great Grandma Irene.

Taylor and Aunt Lynn


Anonymous said...

Bruce, I love where we are in life.....don't you?
Wonderful weekend with my whole family.
Love it!!!!

Anonymous said...


You ought to be oh so proud.

Anonymous said...


Ain't life great!!!!


Anonymous said...

My children and I were visiting my parents last week. Someone had just loaned them a copy of your book. Out of curiosity I picked it up and from that point was completely useless until I finished the book (reading half of it aloud along the way to my family). So I came home, ordered a copy to read aloud to my husband and share with friends, and found your blog.

I love it! Your family is beautiful -- your granddaughter, daughters-in-law, and your wife (like her hairstyle). Yes, I love looking at pictures, even of people I've never met, but after reading your book you seem like family. Reynolds must be a great place! LL in SC

Bruce Goddard said...

Sue, life is great! Thanks for continuing to read all my ramblings.

LL in SC, So glad you enjoyed the book and my pictures. When I was writing the book I had no idea how it would "go over" with someone who didn't know me or my family or Reynolds. I have been very pleasantly surprised. Thanks for your kind words.