Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hilton Honors

I feel like I would be remiss if I did not say a few words about our famous friend Paris. For you not in the know I have stayed at her place a lot. You don’t get the Hilton Gold Card any other way. So on that basis I think I am qualified to make a few comments. Paris, by the way, has the original Gold Card. Remember though I have a rule on this site. I try to only look at the shiny side. And just for the record I have not seen her sex video so I’m not talking about the shiny side that I suppose was shown there.

Since I was in the air somewhere between Houston and Atlanta last night when Larry King aired, I missed the interview. But I did find it on the world wide web tonight and watched most of it. Or at least enough of it to make a few observations.

1. Like all of you I have seen hundreds of pictures of Paris plastered on every magazine and media outlet imaginable but I never saw her look better than the picture shown here when she was released from jail. She looks so much better looking normal.

2. I heard Paris make a comment that she is looking forward to falling in love and getting married and beginning a big family in a couple of years. For you guys in blog land who don’t mind the paparazzi and want a very early retirement plan, here is your chance.

3. If you need help don’t hesitate to let me know. I coached my oldest son on how to win over a girl he eventually married. Maybe I can help you with Paris.

4. Paris’ days of confinement living in an 8 x 12 room caused her to write a journal. I can relate. I have spent many hours confined in one of her dad’s rooms not much bigger and I turned to blogging.

5. Paris said when she first received her DUI it was after one drink and her alcohol level was .08 because of her small size. But she promised never to drink and drive again. If I had her money, I would promise to never drive again period.

6. Paris read the Bible a lot while she was in jail but she couldn’t think of a particular passage when Larry asked her about her favorite. Paris should not feel bad. About 80% of the people who attend church every Sunday couldn’t think of one either if asked.

7. Paris said she was determined to let the time serve her instead of her serving time while she was incarcerated. Not sure who coined that phrase, but that is actually a good motto for all of us whether we are incarcerated or not.

8. Paris also said that although she does not feel she was treated fairly by being jailed, she is determined to use the bad experience for good in her life.

9. If she really does that, she will have unlocked the greatest truth of life.

10. In fact that is the message of that Bible she was reading while in jail.

Just for the record, here is one blogger who is pulling for her. We all know the odds are against her. But they are also against you and me. But for the grace of God we would all end up at the same place of desperation she was headed.

Paris you show ‘em girl. Show the world that it really is possible to take what was meant for bad and turn it into something good.

I’m pulling for you.

We Hilton Honors Gold members have to stick together.

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