Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just You and Me

Dear Taylor,

We came home from church this afternoon with big plans. Your Meme had to go to school to work on something to get ready to teach summer school. I was planning on taking a nap on the sofa.

Your mom had her gall bladder removed earlier this week and she was still in pain so they decided to run to the hospital to let them check her out. Your dad called and asked if we could keep you for a little while. I didn’t bother to tell him that your Meme was not here.

So for a couple of hours it was just you and your Papa on this Sunday afternoon. Actually when your dad dropped you off you were sound asleep in your little car seat. Less than 2 minutes after they left your gorgeous eyes opened and they were staring right at your Papa. And I saw a big smile. And you may not remember but you saw a big smile too.

I held you and flew you like an airplane and gave you a lot of butterfly kisses. I even took you upstairs and changed your diaper. After about 30 minutes you started whimpering a little so I decided I would take you on a little stroll. I haven’t forgotten how to change a diaper but I almost never got you buckled in your 2007 model Mercedes like stroller. Finally I figured that out but the seat was sitting straight up and I couldn’t figure out to let the seat back so you would at least look like you were relaxing.

So here goes your big ole Papa in his flip flops and you at four and a half months strolling down the street. It had to be 110 degrees outside and you were sitting so straight up that I thought you would go overboard. And I could tell by the expression on your face that this was a stroller ride like you had never been on before. Somewhere along the walk I figured out how to let the seat back. Finally we were having a nice (very hot) stroll through the neighborhood.

After some walking and much sweating later we made it back to the front door of our house. When I tried to push the stroller up the step into the front door, the whole stroller folded up like it thought I was about to put it in the trunk of the car. And you folded up with it.

I grabbed the stroller and unfolded it. You had this look on your face like you were thinking, “Do you know you just folded me up with this stroller?” And then you gave me a huge smile. We made it back in the house and after a few minutes your mom and dad stopped by to pick you up. I told them you had been a perfect angel. And you had.

Taylor, when you read this one day you will know that your Papa didn’t have a clue about modern baby strollers and stroller seat belts and all the stuff that goes with them. But I hope you know your Papa did have a clue about something else.

The two hours I spent with you this afternoon were the most productive two hours I spent since I can remember. And for a brief shining moment there were no conference calls or financials or urgent business matters to worry about or even think about.

It was just you and me. And more love than you will ever be able to understand.

Until you have a little granddaughter of your own.

I love you Taylor Reese Goddard,

Your Papa


Anonymous said...

This is the time I told you about - the best two hours in the world; at least til the next time! It only gets better, Bruce!!! Have fun while you can. They grow up so fast. Lisa Windham

Judy s said...

We didn't have all this fancy stuff when my boys were little. I still haven't figured out how to unfold the stroller, so you are doing much better than me. I have just about decided that it's better to stay at home than to spend twenty minutes trying to strap them down.

Anonymous said...


This is so sweet--though we are not selfish, it's great to have them all to ourselves sometimes. Taylor will look at this Blog one day and appreciate it so much more. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Taylor will feel special--and you can bet the house on that....Blessings, Sue