Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thankful and Blessed

It just so happened that all my boys are here this weekend. I understand the world is celebrating Father’s Day but every day is Father’s Day to me. And it has been quite a ride since I joined the Father Club almost 28 years ago. (L-R John 26, Luke 21, David 27)

When David was born I was almost in a fog. I had recently had major surgery and I was still recuperating when the big day came. But it was a feeling like no other I had ever had when I first saw my son. To think that I was holding my flesh and blood was almost too much to comprehend.

Two years later John came along. The incredible feeling was exactly the same when he was born. I soon realized that my two sons had completely different personalities. They came from the same parents but they were very different. And it was just as God intended. It was along that time that things really begin to pick up at our house. Like the day I found them both standing in the same toilet wearing their new Easter shoes. Or the day David painted his little brother completely with silver acrylic paint. And his little brother let him and enjoyed it. And I could go on and on and on and on and on and on……

Then four years after John was born Luke came on the scene with a crash. He was a breech baby and we didn’t find out until the last minutes when his heartbeat started dropping. The doctor had to do an emergency caesarean to save his life. But he made it and he added much to our party as a little boy who never met a stranger.

We made it through a ton of little league games and the growing up years with too many memories and experiences to begin to mention. We have now been through a couple of weddings and have added two beautiful daughters in law to our clan. And you all know about our little Taylor.

There have been times along the journey that I was ready to choke all of them. And I’m sure they felt the same about me a few times as well. But I didn’t and they didn’t. There were many times I blew my cool and many times I had to say I’m sorry. But I grew as a person in the process. And I think they did too.

I can tell you this: Despite all my weaknesses, God has blessed this dad with three wonderful sons. I didn’t earn it. I certainly did not deserve it. But God has lavished His grace on me.

And may all the people in blog land know on this Father’s Day that I am extremely thankful for my three sons. And so incredibly blessed.

And I wouldn't trade all the "daddy" memories for all the money in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't trade what we have for all the money in the world....We ARE truly blessed!!

PS I'll never forget the time we brought Luke home from the hospital. I went to get him out of his cradle only to find him covered with graham crackers. David and John thought he might get hungry!
Happy Father's Day!