Sunday, June 24, 2007

Various Comments

I have had several people tell me that they enjoy reading the comments on this blog as much as the blog itself. So I thought I would give you a blog of some of the comments that have been posted to this site. Some of the comments are from people I know. Some I have no idea who posted them. And there is no science to the ones I have chosen to use here. There are over 300 articles here now so it would take me forever to go through all them to choose the best comments - so I did it the easy way and randomly chose some. You can go back and read the articles mentioned here by typing in the name of the article on the search function a the top left of this page. Enjoy. BG


"There Are Some Things Money Can Buy"

I enjoyed your article on y'alls house. I have many very fond memories of being in your house as well. The night the air conditioner in your bedroom caught fire.
Watching Yankee and Dodgers games. Eating poached eggs and drinking chocolate milk for breakfast. My first taste of red velvet cake - it has been my favorite ever since. You telling our friends lies about having a wrestling ring in the attic - and me going along with your story. The old WWII map you Daddy brought back from the war. Jessie Mae. Being called into your parents bedroom before we went to bed - to read the Bible with them and to say our prayers. Yes, it certainly was a home. One that money could never buy! God blessed me by allowing me to share a part of it with you. Thanks for the memories.

Your friend,
Jimmy Childre, Jr.

"God Help Us All"

I grew up with two sisters and no brothers. Charlie had all brothers. Our grandmothers were the best of friends as were our parents. I am ten days older the Charlie. I lost a friend/brother yesterday. The memories are too many to write but they will be with me for the rest of my life.Charlie always had a smile on his face and now I know it is bigger than ever. Thank you Bruce for writing about him. Rusty Bryan

"This Place is Special"
I can't believe how much you get around... I read your blogs whenever I get the chance... Everytime I check your websit, you have visited another city.

Your stories are very interesting...

"Houston's Best"

Please send me his contact information. I would like to have a taxi driver that speaks english. Think he would move to DC?

"A Hug is Worth a Thousand Words"

The stories are so interesting. Some make me laugh and some make me sad, but in the end it is interesting to see another's perspective on life.

"Sunday Nights"
You make me so proud to be from the same hometown!! I love reading all that you write!! Keep up the "blogging" and I'll check in from time to time to see what's up with you, Kathy, and the kids.

"I Couldn't Let the Moment Fall Through the Crack"

My husband and I have never laughed so hard. That is so funny!! Thanks for the laugh. See yall' next week.

"Memories That Will Last a Lifetime"

I never knew you had that much fun at UGA. Good Lord, I can't believe you made out with your best friend's girl-friend. I am going to love reading these stories late on in life.

"All is Well in Birmingham and in Heaven"

Bruce, Thank you so much for writing that. That is so special and we are going to print it out so that we can always have it. We are all doing great, are headed home from the hospital in the next couple of hours. I think Sydney is really ready for her family to be back together at home, and we can't wait to be there with her! We love you guys and can't wait for you to meet Will! Love, Jess and Alan

"Pedestrian Safety

I've heard you tell this story a thousand times but as I read your blog I still laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face.


I remember how good of a basketball player you were, but you are going to be a wonderful Grandpa. Thanks for practicing with Will.
Jim Whatley

"Go War Eagles!"
Bruce, you have a special gift for writing. The Willis family is an amazing family. The way you wrote about Wendy allowed me to see just how special she is. Thanks for allowing the sun to shine on this family through your writings.

"Things Have Gotten Pretty Bad"

Bruce, This is hilarious! It's Aunt Jerri's sign that she made after the neighbor had the tree cut without consulting her. The neighbor waited for Aunt Jerri to leave one morning and then had the tree surgeon show up and he mutilated the tree. Of course Aunt Jerri was MAD! Momma, Kim, Jeremy and myself have had a great laugh at her sign making the internet.
Love, Maria

"Mexican Food in Potterville Georgia"

That was so funny. I wanted the story to go on and on. Good one!

"Remembering a Hero"


great blog and very timely. thanks for doing this. Mike's death had a profound affect on me as he is the first close schoolmate I have lost from Reynolds High School. Those people are supposed to live forever. they were so important to us when we are growing up! your stories keep them alive!

"Dearest Taylor"
Daddy and Mama

Thank-you for being the greatest parents. I can't wait to hold that little girl. I can honestly say that she is going to have me wrapped around her little finger from day one. The letter you wrote Taylor is going to be framed in her room. I want her to know that she has the best Papa in the world. Mama, you have raise a bunch of boys and never had the opportunity to raise a little girl. Taylor is my gift to you. I want her to know you like I know you. She will I promise. You can finally have a little girl to dress up, take shopping, do things that girls do. SHe is going to love you so much.
I love you


"The Lesson of Eulan Brown"

My father's name is actually Eulan. Not many Eulan's around! That's what caught my eye and I read your story about Mr. Brown. It was quite touching!

"Tough as Nails"

Thanks Bruce for the kind words about Daddy.You saw his many faults but you also saw the good in him.He really cared about some people more than they knew.I am sure I would be getting some phone calls from Daddy about the Braves this year if he were still with us. He would call me to brag on them and he would also call with a very negative critique.I remember some of our disagreements but I also remember a lot of laughter! Cobby

"She Really Did Get Over It"

Mama called me about noon today to ask me to check your web page and find out what you had written about her. She had gone to town and met up with some folks who commented about the article about her on your web page. I pulled it up and read it to her over the phone. She was releived that it wasn't anything bad. Thanks for all the nice things you said about our family. Now if we could just live up to it all! I love your writings, it brings back so many good memories about so many good people who have gone on and others who are still with us. I'm just glad that when you mentioned my name that it was in the present tense.
Diane C. Simmons

"This Dance is for You"
Thanks for reminding me of the wonderful birthday party we celebrated with our precious mother, family, and friends. You came as close as anyone could ever come to capturing her magic. The poem you created for Mama is a treasure chest of memories that I will always cherish. What a lovely gift you gave our family through your creative and heartfelt words. God bless you.

"You Only Have One Mama"

Loved this post! I talk to my Mom everyday sometimes more. I know that the day will come when this will not be possible; but I cannot imagine it. I enjoy your blogspot every morning, it has become part of my morning routine. Sometimes I laugh out loud and sometimes I cry. Keep it coming!

"It'll Crack u Up"
I have not laughed that hard in a while. I absolutely love you and your sense of humor. As a Labor and Delivery Nurse, i get the joy of giving enemas. I am sure the word ENEMA is not in your vocabulary right now huh? Keep up the blogging.

Jenny (Brunson) Martin

"Some Women I've Slept With"
FP Doc said...
I read several blogs, but find your blog extremely interesting and fun to read! I have been amazed at your volume of blogging since starting this site. Thanks again for coming to Greenwood, South Carolina in June! We hope to have you back in the future, but really enjoy learning more about your life through this blog!

"Keeping a Special Lady Alive"

Hello Mr. Goddard,

I have read your entry 3 times since my Dad (Don Lane) emailed it to me last night. I have cried each time and am weeping as I type! My tears are thankful tears because I am forever blessed to have been my Nana's granddaughter. She was an amazing lady who lived an amazing life. Even though I was raised a long way away from Reynolds, GA, my Nana and I shared a very special bond. My time at GA Southern was an intentional choice to be closer to my beloved Nana and Papa. The period of time I spent with them on weekends are some of my most treasured memories. My Nana is with me in Spirit everyday of my life and I frequently feel her presence and guidance in my life as if she is sitting with me holding my hand (whenver we were next to each other, we had our hands together). There have been moments in church on Sunday mornings when I could swear she just gave me one of her special squeezes - what a blessing! Thank you for loving my special Nana and for being such a beautiful friend to her, and to Papa.

Melissa (Lane) Boncosky

"True in Golf - True in Life"

My family and I so much appreciate the wonderful words you have penned regarding my Mom and Dad. You have made it much easier to endure the sadness of their passing, especially on days like this{Mom's birthday) and 9/15 (Dad's.)
Best regards,

Hello again Mr. Goddard,

I loved reading this entry - laughed so hard out loud that my stomach hurt! I had not heard that story about my Papa!!

Memories...what a comfort.


"Abby the Golf Dog"

Oh, what a sweet story. I love dog stories. I have two of my own and they are like family. That story made my day.

"All in a Name"

Bruce: I have become an avid reader of your site for a little while now. My aunt, Joy (lowe) Albritton now residing in Butler e-mailed me yoour blog about my cousin Runt.. I hadn't seen Runt in Lord knows how long, but I have many fine memories of fishin, campin out, and a right side top of my head scar from a rock hidden in a dirt clod grenade launced by Runt when we were "real young-uns".

Recently as you probably know, Aunt Ruby passed, and while I was in Possumtrot for the funeral, me Runt,Randy and many others, sat around reminising about the old days, and we all eventually agreed to try and be more social with each other in the future, but our hurried up lifestyles will probably take control again. Thats why we all agreed again to pass your site on to as many people as we can from now till whenever, because Bruce, you are a gifted and wonderful writer, and sometimes when you take us back down some of them roads we traveled around Reynolds, we cry and laugh for hours...thank you Bruce....from the bootom, top and middle of my heart....Martin Floyd...Grandson of Madison{Mr Mat) Lowe of Garden Valley...
10:39 PM

"Some Only Lasted Two Years"

I rarely respond or comment on Blogs, however I feel I must in your case. I don't know if you remember me, I'm George's neighbor. Meeting you, learning about your life, Reynolds and your commitment to "living life" and sharing the "good works" and "real values" of "real America" is a blessing to us all. Keep up your wonderful work--And from a lifetime Methodist--keep the stories coming

"He Won't Remember a Thing"

I hope they change hoses with each new patient! That one looks overused. Poor fella, what he had to go through before he got knocked out is the worst part of it. So, the cocktails you will have to drink, the floor tiles in the bathroom that you will be able to count by heart since you will be spending a lot of time there is the worse part. Course, you already know the bathroom part of the procedure is tough, having an irritable bowel and all. So your last supper before all that takes place is quite an important event. Just remember, what you put in must be washed out. Glad I could cheer you up.

"It Ain't What You Think"
Dear Mr. Goddard,
Thank you for speaking today, and this evening at MESSENGER's "Shooting for the Star's" national sales meeting at Auburn, IN. Your comments about what truly matters with our spiritual, personal, and business relationships are correct. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. Thank you too, for "It Ain't What You Think"! There is no doubt you and I--until today, including my first visit to this blog, total strangers--do share common experiences. This student is ready to learn from a fresh teacher. My customer sales agent has my request to order "View from a Hearse" for me.

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