Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Whatever It Takes

(Meridian, MS) Meet Amanda. I won’t give her last name here but believe me I know it. She impressed me tonight. Maybe her mom and dad back home in Millry Alabama will read this. I want them to know they did a great job raising their daughter.

For the rest of you I met Amanda simply because she waited on my table tonight at a local Red Lobster. I learned a lot about her and I have a sneaky feeling I just met a new friend.

I learned that Amanda is 24 years old and working her way through college at University of West Alabama in Livingston. She told me she works full time and does whatever she has to do to pay the rent. There is just something inside me that jumps when I hear a 24 year old make a comment like that. “Whatever it Takes” is a pretty good motto for all of us to have. In this case she goes to school in the daytime and waits on tables at night. I happen to know, though tough for her now, in the long run her attitude will pay off in this life.

Just for the record I feel like I did the same thing in my life. At one time or another I ran 2 funeral homes, a grocery store, a furniture store, an ambulance service, served as county Coroner and drove all over the state speaking at functions. I really didn’t do that for the fun of it. I did what I had to do to provide for my family. And the truth is I learned a lot about a lot of things in the process. And when I hear someone make a comment that makes me think they think the world owes them a living, I get a little antsy.

But I didn’t get antsy tonight at all because Amanda has figured it out. She is doing whatever it takes and I will bet my house she will go far. She plans on being a nurse. There is no doubt she will be a great one too. Amanda’s best friend Kaylon is already a nurse and is the process of moving to Macon, GA of all places and will soon be married.

For you who are concerned, Amanda is not completely on her own. Her parents help her financially when she needs help. She is very close to her mom and dad and plans on driving home this coming Sunday night after work to see her dad on Father’s Day. She did the same on Mother’s Day.

Amanda is the middle child with a brother and a sister. Her brother is preparing to be a minister. They grew up at Barlow United Methodist Church. She volunteered to me that she doesn’t attend church like she should when she is at school but does when she goes home. She also told me her parents continue to encourage her to go to church when she is at school and she knows she should do so.

Mom and Dad trust me on this. Your daughter has not forgotten her upbringing. I predict she will be a Sunday School teacher one day. You can sit back and relax. She is the real deal and her “Whatever it Takes” attitude will make you very proud one day. I’m sure you already are proud but you have more coming. I only met her tonight as she waited on my table. But I have a talent for spotting special people. And I spotted a special one tonight.

And by the way Mom and Dad - you can wait an extra day to send her money. I tipped her well tonight.


judy s said...

Thank you Bruce. We only hear about the troubled young people. The ones like this young lady aren't interesting enough to be news worthy. I want to thank you again for your Blog. I really don't know what I would do if I didn't get to read it each morning.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Isn't it neat when God uses us to touch someone's life.
You always encourage people wherever you go.