Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Rocky Mountains Will Do That to You

(Pueblo Colorado) Rush Limbaugh refers to this city as the “Home of the Government Pamphlet.” Most any government pamphlet you get comes from the Federal Citizen Information Center that is located here. Pueblo is also known as the “Home of Heroes.” Four Medal of Honor recipients came from this town which is the highest military award that can be bestowed upon a member of the United States Armed Forces.

For me our great country just got a little smaller. I was reminded again that whether a person lives in Colorado or Georgia, they find the same stories funny. And they have the same heart strings that can be tugged. I had the opportunity to speak to a group of people tonight who happen to be in the same profession as me. And with that opportunity came another opportunity. And that is the opportunity to build relationships with some folks I would have never gotten to meet otherwise.

I had a conversation with a new friend tonight after the meeting. I had mentioned the importance of having balance in our lives when I spoke. She wanted to know how to find balance in her life. I gave her my two cents worth and you can bet your bottom dollar I will follow up with her to see how well she does.

It can be difficult for all of us to find balance. We have jobs. We have spouses. We have children. We have church. We have friends. And we have ourselves. We have all sorts of good stuff demanding our time and our attention don’t we?

I was reminded of balance when I flew into Colorado Springs this afternoon. I walked off the plane and walked right up to the glass windows and took in the view of the beautiful mountains. It was breathtaking to say the least.

God sure set the example of balance when He created this world we live in. The mountains screamed at me today that I never should let my life get out of balance. And I should always take time to smell the roses along the way.

I learned a few things about Colorado Springs and Pueblo during my short visit today. I learned about the government pamphlet and I learned about the Medal of Honor Recipients and I learned about Pike’s Peak. And I met some new wonderful people.

But I was reminded again to always strive to keep balance in my life. The Rocky Mountains will do that to you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight...You are so right. Life is too short. I want to slow down and enjoy the people God puts in my life. And too enjoy the moment!
I look forward to your blogs every morning.

Anonymous said...

now you see why I lived in Colorado during my snow-skiing period of life. gg