Monday, July 30, 2007

They Think I Hung the Moon

When a blogger runs into a local BBQ restaurant to pick up dinner and two of the cutest little girls you ever saw in your life come running up to him and call him by name a give him a hug – you just know there is a blog opportunity. (Teresa, Mikayla and their little sister Allie are pictured here)

And that is exactly what happened to me tonight.

Actually I think they are just crazy about me. And it is certainly not because of anything I have ever done. The truth is they are crazy about my wife. And my wife is crazy about them. And I get the benefit. Not a bad deal at all. Kathy taught Teresa in Kindergarten a couple of years ago. I remember Kathy going to their church one Sunday night last year so she could be there when her former student was baptized. Teresa also received a brand new devotional Bible from her former kindergarten teacher for the special occasion. I didn’t ask but I would not be surprised if her kindergarten teacher was a little instrumental in her decision to be baptized. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

Last year when Teresa moved to the first grade she made it her business to stop by to visit her former kindergarten teacher every morning before heading to her first grade class. Her mom told me now Teresa will have two people to visit every morning before she heads to her second grade class – her former kindergarten teacher and her former first grade teacher. If she does this every year until she graduates, she will have to get up early every morning to get them all visited. But I have a feeling the older she gets the less she will appreciate her teacher. That is until she gets old like me and looks back and then she will really appreciate them.

When Kathy was looking at the list of names of her students for the new year the other night, I heard her say “Whoopee and Praise the Lord” really loud. She found out that Teresa’s little sister, Mikayla, will be in her class this year. She emailed Mikayla’s mom and dad to tell them. Although Mikayla was in bed asleep when her parents read the email, they told me tonight they woke their little girl up to tell her that Mrs. Goddard would be her teacher. I can tell you Mrs. Goddard was excited at the thought.

And I could tell the way Mikayla and Teresa ran up to me tonight that they are pretty excited as well. I told Mikayla tonight that she is getting a wonderful teacher. If she doesn’t believe me she can ask the three boys her teacher raised what they think about her.

There are some benefits to being married to a wonderful teacher. For starters you get some boys who grow up to be pretty amazing sons. And you get lots of hugs and kisses from little girls like Teresa and Mikayla who think she hung the moon.

And they think I hung the moon for being married to her.

Not a bad deal at all is it?

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Anonymous said...

What cute little girls!

You say the nicest things about your wife! I'm sure she IS a wonderful teacher; you can tell she's a great mom just by looking at the happy pictures of your sons and daughters-in-law and of course, little Taylor. LL in SC