Friday, August 24, 2007

The Bet is On

What do you do when you are waiting on a plane at the busiest airport in the world? You gather around a television with 50 other sports fans from probably 25 different states and cheer for 11 and 12 year old kids from your town playing a game on national television and give high fives to complete strangers. In fact when you are driving to the airport, you make sure your administrative assistant sends you updates every half inning on your blackberry so you won’t miss a thing.

And what do you do on a Thursday night in a hotel room by yourself when you are on a business trip in Tulsa Oklahoma? You jump and cheer and scream in your underwear and call your family and friends after every homerun as you watch this same Little League team completely overpower a very stunned Arizona team.

And what do you do when you get home on a Friday night still fired-up from the game the night before? The first thing you do is to make sure your wife has nothing scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 3:30PM. And you start preparing yourself for the United States Little League Championship game between your own home team and a team from Lubbock Texas. And you are very glad you bought that big screen high definition television last year.

There is no doubt the baseball I have been watching in the Little League World Series in Williamsport is baseball in its purest form. To see these young boys (on all the teams) perform the way they are performing on this national stage is really an amazing thing to watch. And the truth is I am just as fired up about our Warner Robins team as I was when the Atlanta Braves were playing in the World Series.

I am so fired up that I called a buddy from Lubbock this afternoon and challenged him to a wager. If Warner Robins wins the game tomorrow, my buddy will send me a Texas Tech (located in Lubbock) shirt. If Lubbock wins, my friend will get a Georgia Bulldog shirt.

The bet is on. Let the game begin.

I am looking forward to wearing that Texas Tech XXL with pride.


Anonymous said...


I will be watching today also. I hope these young boys bring it all home and that your next blog is about their win. I don't know any of them but am very proud of what they have accomplished. Make sure you take a picture of yourself in that Texas Tech Red Raiders shirt--in fact, I've got one of those somewhere--we were stationed in San Antonio back in the late 80's and my neighbors were both TT grads--enough of my ramblings. GO WRALL.

Anonymous said...

How far are you from Athens? Wouldn't want you to travel to far to purchase the shirt.

J Moncrief in Reynolds, GA said...

Bruce I look forward to seeing the picture of you in your new Texas Tech shirt... Go get'em WRALL and bring home the SECOND Consecutive Little League WORLD Championship!!!

Anonymous said...

Could I have a Georgia Tech shirt instead, it would mean more.

Anonymous said...

I have accepted the challenge for this great event today. I am very excited for these young ball players and future superstars. Whoever wins today, these boys will have this event in their hearts forever. I will be looking forward to the Bulldog shirt from Bruce. Good Luck !!!! J. Rosson, Lubbock TX

Anonymous said...

To the GA Tech person - two things - first of all, I see why you are anonymous. Most Tech fans are. # 2 - there are plenty of GA Tech T-shirts available in Georgia - what size do you need,.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous Georgia fan after this upcoming football and basketball season those Georgia Tech shirts will be in short supply.