Wednesday, August 22, 2007


(Tulsa OK) I arrived in Tulsa this afternoon and when I checked in the hotel I realized I had left my American Express card at the Atlanta airport where I had lunch. They say don’t leave home without it. I certainly should not be without it when I am 1000 miles away from home and trying to check in a hotel. Actually I also have a Master Card but my son has it because he was registering for classes this week. If some of you faithful readers could pray about wiring me a few dollars to get home I sure would appreciate it.

Anyway after vacuuming the lobby of the hotel and washing dishes in the kitchen, I struck out after dinner with a business associate to check out the sights of Tulsa. I wanted to see where Garth and Trisha live but nobody could tell me.

So we decided to ride down to Oral Roberts University and check out the largest bronze structure in the world. Oral’s praying hands are much bigger than I imagined. I couldn’t help but wonder how much this bronze structure cost. I wondered if a long list of widow women living on fixed incomes donated their hard earned money for this likeness of Rev. Robert’s hands. I have no idea where the money came from but someone sure paid for it. And I bet it wasn’t Oral.

As we rode through the campus, I saw a convertible with a bunch of normal looking kids heading out probably up to no good. But I remembered that every student signs an honor code when they register at this University saying they won’t lie, curse, smoke, drink, gamble, participate in illicit sexual acts or homosexual acts. I wonder if they let them over-eat, gossip, lust after each other, sunbathe nude and go dirty dancing. Just a thought.

Actually I think the honor code has tightened a little since this school first opened. They used to sign a document saying only that they would not drink, smoke, dance, party or engage in premarital sex.

I do have some questions as to how they came up with the lists. What I don’t have a question about is whether the students break the promises they made. If I read the Bible correctly, the reason we have the new covenant is because nobody could live up to the old one. And I have a feeling the group of students I saw in the convertible were about to break a few of their promises.

Anyway we drove away from that campus with those questions swimming in my head and just a few blocks down the street ran into Southern Hills Country Club. For you folks out there who are not golf fans, the PGA Championship was played here just a couple of weeks ago. The entrance reminded me of Augusta National. And actually the way the course sits off a busy road with no signs and fanfare also reminded me of Augusta National. We tried to drive through but were stopped by a very nice guard in a coat and tie who said entrance was for members only. It was obvious this is a very nice prestigious country club. I was not surprised to learn that Oral Roberts and his son Richard are both members. After seeing the expensive bronze hands and the college campus with all the rules, finding out that Oral and Richard are members of this country club made me feel better. Now I know the money I have been sending Oral all these years has been put to good use.

Now if my new American Express card will be delivered tomorrow to this hotel as promised I might just make it back home.



Anonymous said...

See you soon.

Anonymous said...

I pledge $50 towards your get back home fund.