Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Real Live Hero

A punk purse snatcher picked the wrong place to snatch a purse on Wednesday night in Warner Robins, GA. Or at least he snatched a purse in front of the wrong person. Purse snatchers beware: Don’t mess with Jared.

Jared, age 17, pictured here with our son Luke, arrived at church early this past Wednesday night to find garbage all over the church lawn. Being the nice, gentle Christian guy he is he took it upon himself to clean up the mess somebody made before everyone else arrived for the mid week service. Nice Christian guys do stuff like that. It’s just natural.

But as he was cleaning up the trash Jared heard an elderly lady screaming and cussing from across the road. He looked up and saw the punk man on a bicycle with purse in hand heading toward him. The punk definitely chose the wrong direction to run. Jared warned the man on the bicycle to stop and give him the purse or he would be forced to tackle him. The man ignored Jared’s warning and kept pedaling. Jared, who plays football for Northside High School in Warner Robins, put his football skills to work. This nice, gentle Christian guy chased the punk down and tackled him – bicycle and all. In a matter of seconds he was handing the purse back to the victim and calling 911 on his cell phone. Then in a matter of only minutes the cops arrived and arrested the punk purse snatcher.

Sometimes Christianity calls on you to turn the other cheek. Other times Christians are called on take charge of a situation. Jesus turned over tables in the synagogue. Jared turned over a bicycle with a thief on it in a church yard.

Heroes just do stuff like that. And Jared is a real live hero.


FacingTheSharks said...

I love this story. My mother and I were just talking today about things happening that seem to be out of the ordinary, but it was to take you in a different direction.

So, the trash in the lawn was something out of the ordinary, but because it was there, justice was done. Had it not been for the trash (and a willing servant of God to pick it up), the punk would have gotten away with his crime.

jared said...


T.O. said...

Nice Master's jacket. Sometimes taking care of the trash has a different meaning.

Anonymous said...

Who is "t.o"?