Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Yearbook Came to Life Today

I spoke to a very special group of folks at a luncheon today. The occasion was the ladies luncheon for the Fort Valley High School Class of 1968 reunion. And some of the teachers were also there. For me it was like a yearbook coming to life. I’ll try to explain.

My brother in law, Jim Whatley, is a member of the FVHS Class of 68. Actually Jim and I married sisters. When Kathy and I visit their home in Rome, Georgia, Kathy and Lynn usually do sister things and I find myself waiting on Jim to get home from work. Since they have a wide variety of high school yearbooks accessible on their bookshelf, I usually pass the time by looking at yearbooks. (Trust me, the Whatley's laugh at my yearbook reading). And since Jim’s 1968 edition was his last year in high school, I have reached for that particular yearbook quite often. I think it would be safe to say I pretty much have it memorized. In other words I knew the girls at the luncheon much better than they knew me. But I will have to admit some of them were a little difficult to recognize. The passing of about 40 years will do that to the best of us.

Most of the teachers of this class in attendance today also taught me. I graduated from the same school in 1972. And it was really special for me to see them after so many years and to see them laugh and enjoy themselves. This was obviously not my first luncheon engagement but it was definitely one of the most special.

Actually I was invited to speak at this event because of this blog. A couple of the Yancey girls have become avid readers of my ramblings here. I think Jane has empathy for my IBS challenges and had the “urge” to invite me to speak. Jane organized the luncheon today and her sisters – Emily, Sue, Judy and a couple of Jane’s daughters put it on. I don’t know what it is about the Yancey family but I feel like they are family. In fact they really do remind me of how it is when the Goddard clan gets together. The Yancey girls love to laugh and will talk about anything. They are definitely my kind of folks! If this blog accomplishes nothing but allows me to re-establish a relationship with the Yancey girls – my blogging will be well worth it.

And although this was a ladies luncheon, there was another male in attendance. All of you who have read the blogs here or have read my book know about my parents following me all over the place when I played basketball. You also know about some important life principles I learned during those very formative years of my life. You can only imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw my high school basketball coach in the room. I have seen Coach Fibbe only one time in the last 35 years and that was probably 30 years ago. I’ve got to tell you it was more than a little neat as I spoke of my parents and my basketball years with my coach in the audience.

Yep this was a very special day. The 1968 Ft. Valley High School yearbook definitely came to life today. And I sure am glad I was there to be a part of it.


Anonymous said...

Bruce,the coach looks your age.

Anonymous said...


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed you--all the little ladies are in love with you. Thank you so much for making yesterday such a special day for everyone--it was so good to see you. Which cake did you like the best? sue

Bruce Goddard said...

Sue, I had a blast. I cannot choose between the caramel and the chocolate. BOTH were the absolutely best cake I have ever put in my mouth. Who made it and how can I get them to make me one?? I'll pay whatever... good lord that was good cake. - b

Judy S said...

It was some good cake. The key-lime was to kill for. I had a great time and laughed so hard that I almost wet my pants. Bruce you are too funny. All the food was great and like you it was great to see the Yancey bunch again. Ms Julia did a great job of raising her kids. I hope that we don't wait this long before we do this again.

P.S. Sue don't forget to send me the recipe.

Susan said...

Thanks to Jimmy Childre, I read your blog daily and LOVE have me laughing so often....a good way for a teacher like me to start her day!

This blog made me think of the "gathering" that Jimmy and I have actually talked about getting toagether for the class of '72 ...nothing formal, just a lot of catching up. I am sure that the girls of '68 had a lot of fun catching up,too. As busy as Childre stays, we'll need a lot of help getting our gathering going. We'll let you know. (You and Coach Fibbe look very handsome...quite distinguished . I'm not saying a thing about age!) Keep the blogs coming. School starts back this week for me, and I need the uplifting!
Susan Spinks

Anonymous said...

Amen to the cake part. Daddy, do whatever you have to do to get more. I'm serious.