Sunday, September 23, 2007

Be Held

I meet enough folks as I travel around to know that we all face the nightmares of this life. I also know that the nightmares for some are worse than the nightmares of others.

And we struggle trying to figure it all out. We hurt and we hurt for others who are in the middle of their pain.

You will read as you watch this video that “God never promises us that we will be saved from the nightmares of this life but He does promise that when everything falls He’ll be there to hold us.”

And He does that in many different ways.

Sometimes He even uses others to do the holding.

And the truth is we never understand what it really means to be held until we get to the point that we cannot survive unless we are held.

Maybe this video by Natalie Grant will encourage you to “hold” someone who is trying to figure out how to get through the next week. The holding may be in the form of a simple prayer or a word of encouragement or a simple card or a telephone call or a timely email or a visit or even a cup of coffee with your friend in a corner of a fast food restaurant.

And by the way, when you “hold” someone you can bet your bottom dollar you will get held in the process.

Watch this and listen to this incredible song.

And be held.

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southernjoy said...

This is one of my favorite songs...