Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Goddard Thanksgiving Awards

The Thanksgiving holiday has officially ended for us. The house is quiet again and I am left with a terrible cold and plenty of honey baked ham and a little smoked turkey to eat. I have today to recuperate and tomorrow I will hit the road again. In the meantime, I’m posting some pictures and awards here that pretty much capture Thanksgiving 2007 at the Goddard house.

Most Valuable Player. Kathy easily takes this award. Below we are eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal prepared by Kathy, the mom of all these boys. I’ve eaten about 30 years of meals cooked by her but this may be her best performance yet.

Miss Congeniality. Little Taylor wins this hands down. Below you can see her enjoying her very first Thanksgiving meal at Papa and Meme’s. Her personality is now coming out and she thoroughly enjoyed playing with her aunts and flirting with her uncles.

Punt Coverage of the Year. Getting all our crew together is not easily done these days. And then getting them to pose for a picture after lunch is even more difficult. But we did it and this picture will soon be framed at our house. As you can see the boys have definitely punted way past their coverage with these gals.

Miracle of the Year. Tom and Mia got married a month or so ago in a private ceremony but the reception began last night about the same time the second half of the Georgia – Georgia Tech game began. For my boys to leave that game and go to a wedding reception was the miracle. It wouldn’t have mattered if it had been THEIR OWN wedding reception. Maybe the fact that they found out there was a large screen television at the reception helped but the fact of the matter is, they made it and so did I. In fact I took a picture of the newly married couple with their families to prove it.

Game of the Year. Although there were some great football games on TV this weekend, the game of the year was a board game called the Battle of the Sexes we played late last night. My three sons and I took on the four females. Although there was a lot of laughter getting there, in the end, the girls won. Surprised NOT.

Picture of the Year. This photo was taken without my knowledge on Sunday morning. After a long night of being very congested and full of cold and tossing and turning in the bed, I finally came downstairs and overdosed on cold medicine. Kathy captured the moment with my camera. And the moment on the sofa will most likely last all day.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time! the pictures were great! hope you are feeling better.
love ya'll
Holly and David