Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tell Me It Ain't So

From someone who spends an awful lot of nights in hotel rooms, the video below sent to me today was very enlightening It was also very nauseating.

I often wonder who slept in the bed last night I’m sleeping in tonight. You just hope the hotel maid at least changed the sheets from the night before. You are absolutely positive she did not change the bedspread.

Sometimes I get in bed and I get a little funky odor and I REALLY wonder. And I get this mental picture in my mind of what the person looked like who was in the same bed the night before.

In this digital age, hotels should offer guests who are checking in for the night a digital photo of the person who slept in the bed the night before. You could then choose your room. In other words I could say, "I'll be glad to sleep in the bed where she slept but no way am I sleeping where he slept!"

Or something like that.

I do get the strong feeling that folks making close to minimum wage choose to cut a corner a few times a day. We folks who are guests in the hotel rooms they clean are the beneficiaries of their less than noble behavior.

I do have a few stories.

I checked in a hotel late one night west of Atlanta and noticed there was a used bar of soap in the shower complete with body hairs attached. I would have changed rooms but I was told when I checked in that this was the only room they had available and I was dog tired. I think a maid cut a corner.

I was in a hotel in New Orleans one night and it was obvious the bed had not been made up. We pulled the top mattress up and couldn’t help but notice a used condom underneath. I think a maid cut another corner.

I’ve seen stray hairs in the shower stall too many times to mention. And I've seen them under the covers. And it really is not difficult to tell if the bathroom floor has not been mopped. And I really try to stay away from the molded shower curtains.

I could go on but I really don’t want you to get sick.

I have to tell you I never thought that the maids might be cleaning the drinking glasses with the dirty bath towel left in the room. And using a gloved hand they just took out of the toilet.

Tell me it ain’t so.

Watch this video and see for yourself. If you travel a lot you might want to have a puke bucket close by.


CCC said...

Thanks Bruce!!! I'm reading your blog from a hotel room myself and now I'm sure I'll not be able to sleep. So, from a hotel room in Wichita, I say thanks!
Your niece-in-law or tonight...
Sleepless in Kansas,

Anonymous said...

This is sick


Anonymous said...

Sorry Cindy. Maybe they will have pictures soon of the person who slept in your bed last night. Hopefully he was a real hottie. BG

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know this story was revealed by an Atlanta news station. The hotels shown are actually hotels in Atlanta - you may have stayed at one of these hotels...now, isn't that a comforting thought

Anonymous said...

After reading your article, I'm afraid to watch the video!

Being one who always looks for low rates on everything, I can tell you we've stayed at some awful places! Last time it happened I got brave and complained to the manager. No questions asked, he reimbursed us! LL in SC