Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Christmas Advertisement

Do you want to give a book or audio CD that will make you split your side in laughter; then makes you cry from inspiration? Bruce Goddard, the author of View From a Hearse, has been described as a blend of Mark Twain and Max Lacado. His wit makes you laugh. His positive message inspires you. Whether you choose a copy of the book or go for the audio, giving the wisdom and humor of this country undertaker will make a memorable gift.

I didn’t laugh…I howled. My sides split. My eyes watered. He makes us think. He makes us smile. He knows how to widen those smiles into laughter. For several years, I’ve joined the chorus of people who have encouraged Bruce to compile his stories into a book. Now those stories have come to life in a new way. The book is a true gift. Laugh. Cry.Ed Grisamore, Macon Telegraph

In the past few years, Bruce has had over 1,200 speaking engagements throughout the United States. He presents the “lighter side” of what can be a stressful occupation while at the same time giving thought provoking observations about life from the perspective of a small town undertaker.

You can order View From a Hearse by clicking here. Christmas delivery for orders placed before December 19th.

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