Monday, December 31, 2007

My Blog Year in Review

I spent some time yesterday looking back at my 2007 Blogs. If you read this blog I think it appropriate that I communicate my New Year Resolution. It is rather short and simple.

I resolve to not blog nearly as much in 2008 as I did in 2007.

But in looking back I did come up with some awards from my 2007 blogs. If you desire, you can type the key words of certain blogs that you want to read in the search box at the top of this page and I’m sure you will find the articles that brought about these special awards.

MOMENT OF THE YEAR This one is easy. Hands down it happened on January 24, 2007. Our little granddaughter, Taylor Reese Goddard, was born. A moment I will never forget. And a little girl I won’t let you forget as I continue to write about her.

BLOG OF THE YEAR This award is simply based on the number of people who read it (past tense). It has to be a tie between the blog I wrote about Buford Pusser and the State Line Mob on June 11 and the one I wrote about Zack Johnson winning the Masters in April. I have found that a ton of folks are very interested in the State Line Mob and I continue to get hits to that article. The article I wrote about Zack Johnson on April 8 was picked up on websites all over the country. I don’t know how that happens in cyberspace but it definitely happened. I wish I could get royalties for such things.

GRAVE VISIT OF THE YEAR – The visit to Hank Williams grave in Montgomery on January 10 was more than amazing. I saw with my own eyes people from other parts of the country in line to visit that grave. Not far behind was my visit on June 5th to the Buffett family plot in Fairhope AL. That visit resulted in me doing some reading on Jimmy Buffett and the money making machine he as produced.

BEACH TRIP OF THE YEAR - Although our visit to Cabo I wrote about at the end of October was a trip of a lifetime, it pales in comparison to our family trip to Hilton Head Island and little Taylor’s first trip to the beach during the week of July 17. I may never go back to Cabo but I have plans for many more trips to the beach with our Taylor.

ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE YEAR - This one has to be a tie. On March 4 I wrote about Claire Underwood being chosen as a Foundation Fellow at the University of Georgia. On November 5th I wrote about Courtney Underwood being elected President of Zeta Tau Alpha at the same University of Georgia. These incredible girls are sisters and I’m proud to say they are my nieces.

DIAGNOSIS OF THE YEAR – This is a no brainer. I wrote about me being diagnosed with Sexual Malfunction on March 24. The doctor must have been right. My wife has not been pregnant since.

NIGHT OF THE YEAR - Another tie. I flew into Raleigh NC and was picked up at the airport by my lifelong friend Jimmy Childre, Jr. Not only did we stay up way past our bedtimes catching up and visiting the sights at Duke but I actually sat in Coach K’s seat on the floor of Cameron Indoor Stadium, the famous Duke University basketball arena. I wrote about that evening on January 28th.

My long time friend, Donnie Mills, and I made a trip to Turner Field to catch a Braves game from one of the sky boxes. Before the game we took a trip down memory lane at the site of the old Fulton County Stadium. We stood where the home plate was when Sid Bream scored that historic run to beat the Pirates and send the Braves to the World Series. Donnie and I were at that game that night and we remembered it on June 9th and I wrote about it.

NON ROMANTIC EVENING OF THE YEAR – It happened on February 14th in Oklahoma City and of course I wrote about it. I was having dinner with a very heterosexual male business associate in a hotel restaurant and looked around and realized we were the only couple in the restaurant that were not exchanging flowers. Not a very memorable or romantic Valentine Day.

FUNERAL OF THE YEAR - This one is also easy. I was on the podium and one of the speakers at the funeral of my long time friend Rannie Gaultney. A female friend came to the podium and while she was slipping her shoes off, she announced to the packed church that she had always promised Rannie if he died before her, she would dance at this funeral. She did it. And we all smiled. I wrote about it on February 21.

HONOR OF THE YEAR – On April 10 I stood at the podium of the Georgia House of Representatives and received a Resolution of Recognition from that body and had the opportunity to briefly address that historical group. I have to admit, the hair was standing on the back of my neck that day.

MARRIAGE OF THE YEAR - My sister in law Mia was married on October 20. Her Boaz, Tom, claimed her and redeemed her in writing on this blog. With my blessing of that marriage, I gave up the right to be her kinsman redeemer.

NOSTALGIC MOMENT OF THE YEAR - On May 29th I wrote about my youngest son and me going in the old Fort Valley High School Gymnasium where I spent a great deal of time another life ago. I actually stood on the foul line and took a couple of misdirected shots as Luke captured the moment with my camera.

“FIRST TIME” OF THE YEAR - I had my first pedicure in my life on May 11 and I wrote on May 12 that I had feelings towards the pedicurist. My wife and I visited that place another time several months later and the pedicurist remembered my name. Maybe the feelings were mutual.

EXILIRATING MOMENT OF THE YEAR – It happened in our den on August 26 (and I wrote about it) as about a dozen or so of our friends were gathered watching our wall mounted Plasma TV when the Warner Robins Little League beat Japan with a walk off homerun to become the Little League World Champions.

INCREDIBLE PERSON OF THE YEAR – Her name is Jessica Tibbetts. I was sitting next to her on a plane to Wichta KS on June 18 and quickly realized I was sitting next to one of the most remarkable young people I have ever met and I knew she would have to be included on my blog. She is presently continuing to learn Arabic in Yemen. I still follow her on her blog site.

FAMILY OF THE YEAR - I wrote about the Webster’s on May 22 while in the bed at their home in Katy TX while everyone else was asleep. I was there to speak to his men’s prayer breakfast at his church the next morning.

WEEKEND TRIP OF THE YEAR - I wrote about my wife and I taking Julian & Sue Whatley to the North Carolina Mountains on July 1 to join my siblings and their spouses there. The Whatley’s were close friends to our parents and are like our second parents. What a great weekend!

STORE OF THE YEAR - I wrote about Avera Drug Store in Ft. Valley, GA on August 21. My visit there was like a trip back in time. I stopped by to pick up a cake. I must have stayed an hour.

REUNION OF THE YEAR - This is a 3 way tie. I wrote about the Taylor County Lady Vikings Reunion on March 17 and maybe a few other times. My wife was a member of that historic team that won 132 straight basketball games and the reunion was one we will always remember.

On August 4 I wrote about the luncheon I attended for the Ft. Valley High School Class of 1968. Not only did I get reacquainted with the incredible Yancey sisters and many others from Ft. Valley but my high school basketball coach was in attendance.

Another reunion took place at the funeral of our beloved friend and next door neighbor – Rosemary Whatley. Everybody who grew up in that neighborhood showed up for that funeral. I wrote the article, “Nobody went to Yale and nobody went to Jail” on August 14.

MOST PEOPLE OUT OF THE CLOSET – My ramblings about my Irritable Bowel Syndrome (several blogs throughout the year) caused some upstanding citizens to come out of the closet and “fess up.” I was even asked by a marketing person from a major company to be a guinea pig for a new drug to treat the dreaded disease. I discovered all kinds of folks read this blog.

BIRTHDAY BASH OF THE YEAR - The party was held on March 17 in Reynolds and we were there. Jessie Mae King, who I have spoken about and written about so many times, turned 100. She would die 7 short months later.

FUTURE STAR OF THE YEAR - I met De’Leah Wiles in a restaurant in Nashville. She was serving my table and I found out she could sing. I mean really sing. I connected with her through email and she has promised a front row seat for me when she hits the big stage. Stay tuned and remember that name.

EMERGENCY OF THE YEAR - I wrote about it on October 14. My wife got deathly sick to the point of being unresponsive. I called 911 and she was rushed to the hospital. We finally discovered she had an allergic reaction to some medication. All is well that turns out well.

CHURCH OF THE YEAR – I happened on to Goddard United Methodist Church in Ft Smith Arkansas on November 28. I had to stop to take some photos and the blog followed.

WEDDING OF THE YEAR - This was held this past weekend at St. Simons Island. I helped officiate at the gorgeous wedding of Katie Byrd and Tal Johnson that was held in a courtyard overlooking the ocean. I haven’t written about it here but it was definitely an award winning wedding in the most picturesque setting I have ever seen. Best wishes to Katie and Tal as they begin their life together.

OBITUARIES OF THE YEAR- I wrote about each of the folks listed below during the year. Each one of them impacted my life in a personal and positive manner and I am a better person for having known them. May they rest in peace.

Mike (Hippo) Crawley
Rannie Gaultney
Julian Knight
Kevin Poole
Rosemary Whatley
Jessie Mae King
Mary Halley
Phillip McMinn

And here’s hoping none of us reading this will be listed in the obituaries here next year.

Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Bruce, I feel honored to have been mentioned in your blog "year in review". It's been awesome reconnecting with you--what a special person you are--I know your Mama & Daddy are so proud of you and what you stand for. I've also enjoyed getting to know your beautiful family through your blog--really watching Taylor Reese grow up through the pictures you post. Reading your books about growing up in Reynolds brings back so many memories--I had some wonderful times sister Emily dated a guy from there named "Happy" Smith, Debbie Whatley (and her Mama's buttermilk pie), Nancy Whatley, Mickie, Susan & Tommy Woods, Ricky Parks, the Crawley brothers, the Harrell sisters, playing b-ball with Karen Forsling, Marcia James, Claudia Johnson, and I think her name was Cynthia Gaultney--I'm going to be embarrassed if her name isn't Cynthia--going to Pottersville--plus I had crushes on several Reynolds' guys--I'm sure there are many more names I could put here but will stop for now. Wishing you many blessings in the New Year. Sue

Bruce Goddard said...

Sue, "Cynthia" Gaultney was actually Cecilia Gaultney. But you were close. Thanks for your comments...and Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

February 1st of this year will mark the one year anniversary of Mike "HIPPO" Crawley's death. The Medical Center of Central Georgia is not the same place without Hippo there. He is incredibly missed. I have never met someone who touched so many people's lives, and he didn't even know it. I am where I am at in my career because of Hippo. I owe it all too him. We love and miss you hippo. I am sure I will see you in a few minutes (heaven time).

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