Thursday, December 06, 2007

My Obituary Got Re-Worded Today

It is with deep sorrow and regret that I have to inform to you that I did not receive the final nomination for the Best Spoken Word Album for this 50th anniversary of the coveted Grammy Awards. It seems I was edged out by the likes of Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Alan Alda.

I was really looking forward to walking on the red carpet too. Doggone life throws you some curves sometimes.

I got a call a few weeks ago telling me that I had been nominated for a Grammy for my CD called Live & Kickin’. I think what they meant to say was that my CD was being considered for such a nomination. I didn’t quit my day job or anything but I did tell my wife that she could mention the nomination in my obituary when the big day comes. She will have to change the wording now. It will read like this:

Bruce Goddard, age 110, passed away suddenly yesterday while giving a speech. He is survived by his wife, his 3 children, 15 Grandchildren and 85 great grandchildren. He was a licensed driver in the State of Georgia, a member of Sam’s Wholesale Club and was once considered for a Grammy nomination. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests you purchase a copy of the almost nominated CD Live & Kickin’ so they can pay the funeral bill.

This day started off great. Now my doggone obituary has to be changed.

Good lord.

You can check out the almost nomination by clicking here. You will see me at #43. What in the world do you have to do to win a Grammy these days?


Anonymous said...

While I was reading your obituary I stopped when I noticed your age.Wow! 110 huh? That means I'll be 110 too. We've got a lot of years ahead of us.Ha!

Anonymous said...

There is always next year, or the year after. There are many years left for you to win that Grammy since you are going to live 50+ more years :)

Judy S said...

If it means anything, You are already a winner to me.