Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Hedge

Consider me now culturally enlightened.

And impressed.

To really get the gist of piece of art shown here you should click on the picture to get a bigger view and check out the details. I can promise you every time you look at it you will see something new. If you have a pulse you will laugh. This photo tells a different story every time you look at it.

Maybe the old saying “if you couldn’t laugh you would cry” could be applied here.

Called “The Hedge,” this work of art is prominently displayed on a billboard in downtown Miami and it somehow represents a rather shocking cross section of the social scene in Miami.

To give you a head start, find the lady with the chicken in her lap and the picture of Paris Hilton and notice the headlines on the newspaper the little boy is carrying and the two bare-butted guys who seem to be relieving themselves in the bushes. If you are heterosexual it shouldn’t take you long to check out the two guys who are kissing (if you are homosexual I suppose you will enjoy it). You can’t help but smile at the lady with each hand on the wrong places of two guys. Maybe you can figure out the significance of the person with the blanket getting milk poured over their head.

But whatever you do, be sure to check out the gorgeous gal in the bikini who is grilling what looks to be a steak with blue painted hands and arms.

For you local folks who read this, she is Brandi Reddick, the daughter of Becky Reddick of Fort Valley, GA and the late Buddy Reddick. It is rather impressive to me that this young lady is not afraid to step out on a limb and take a chance and be stretched a little. You can read about Brandi and this photo by clicking here.

Having known her parents for many years, I can safely say she got her gorgeous looks, spunk and the personality to pose for such a photo honestly.

This hedge may just propel her to supermodel status. And maybe it will also give you a little "culture."


Anonymous said...

Bizarre but I did laugh.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about the significance of the guy with his head in the bubble.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Brandi is one heck of a cook.

Anonymous said...

So proud of a small town girl!