Sunday, January 06, 2008

This Papa Has a Brand New Bag

James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, was sighted last night in Reynolds, GA. He was a little taller than I imagined and maybe a little heavier. I was also thinking there is a funeral home somewhere that needs to refund some money – that is if they ever got paid in the first place.

The news reports said the funk superstar died on Christmas day of 2006. After the funeral they had a hard time figuring out where they were going to bury him. His casketed remains were even moved back home for a few months until Rev. Sharpton could figure it out. I was thinking that maybe between the funeral and the burial, James got up out of the casket, put some women clothes in a new bag and moved across the state to Reynolds.

Soul brother number one has a brand new bag.

He is looking a little feminine but seems to be feeling pretty good. Death sure does become him.

In reality, the James Brown lookalike was not James after all but rather one Leila Bell Mathis. Lelia Bell is one of my favorite people and I have known her all my life but I never thought she resembled the Godfather of Funk until last night. Maybe James has risen from the dead and landed in her body. I’m not sure but the resemblance is rather amazing.

Leila Bell is known more for her cooking than her dancing in middle Georgia but if Leno or Letterman gets a copy of this picture I took of her, I have no doubt you will be seeing her on national television really soon.

I have already applied to be her agent on her road to stardom so don't even think about it. And this papa already has a brand new bag to take with him on the trip.


Anonymous said...

I feel good... dudy dudy dudy dude. Like I knew that I would.

Anonymous said...


Jessica Dobbins said...

That is great! We were so excited to read the blog on Leila Bell. We really think you need to send that picture in to Leno or Letterman!!!

Jerry M. Reynolds, GA said...

Bruce you hit the nail on the head with Leila Bell and The Godfather!!! (The Godfather has risen, in Leila Bell!) I have known Leila Bell all my life and have ate her cooking on many occasions. And mighty fine food, too. I hope that this picture gets to one of the two, Letterman or Leno. If anybody should get a little national attention, why not Leila Bell...

Susan Sawyer Dull said...

I have known Leila Bell all my life also, and I always wondered who she reminded me of! Now I know! HAHAHA She knows food! She always made the BEST fried chicken - Love her to pieces!