Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Things Are Relative

I am one of those people who strongly believe in absolute truths. I think one of the problems we have in America is many people see truth as relative. In other words, truth is true only under certain conditions. We can go down the wrong path in a hurry with such thinking.

But with that said, some truth is definitely relative. For instance at almost 6 feet 5 inches I am considered a tall guy. But when I am standing next to 7 foot 2 inch former NBA star Tree Rollins, I am not tall at all. Being tall is relative.

During the CB radio craze of the 1970’s, my handle was Big Foot – named appropriately for my number 14’s. When I placed my foot next to Tree’s number 18’s, a more appropriate handle for me would be “Little Foot.” Shoe size is definitely relative.

Being overweight is also relative. I have noticed my pants have gotten a little tighter recently and I don’t think it is because the pants are getting smaller. Stops at places like the AQ Chicken House I wrote about recently doesn’t help. But the person who sat next to me (and on me) last week on a flight from Northwest Arkansas to Atlanta made me look skinny and feel skinny. And he caused me to get really spiritual because I was thanking God when I got off that plane.

Pain is also relative. I have a strong feeling that my wife will be experiencing a lot of that this time tomorrow night. She is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. The surgeon has already warned her that after he fixes her deviated septum in her nose she will hate his guts for several days.

I think I will get the photo of Tree and me framed and place it beside her bed so she can be reminded during her recovery that her pain is relative.

Somewhere there will be someone recuperating from hemorrhoid surgery.


Anonymous said...

Tell Kathy that she'll be in our prayers. Hope the doc gives her some GOOD pain meds.

Pat & Diane

Anonymous said...

That is one tall dude!

Judy S said...

I have heard that is one painful surgery. I will be thinking about both of you and keep ya'll in my prayers. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. I'm just down the street.

Anonymous said...

How is Kathy doing? I'm praying for her recovery.

LL in SC