Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Years is Way Too Long

I think I’ve heard it all now. The news of the woman who was stuck to her boyfriend’s toilet seat after sitting there for two years pretty much beats everything I’ve heard. According to news reports her skin had grown around the seat.

The boyfriend said he asked her everyday to come out of the bathroom. She kept refusing so he decided to call police.

After two years.

How in the world does someone sit on the toilet for two years? I’ve sat on one for two hours before.

But two years is a little much.

I guess there are at least a few advantages to living on a toilet seat.

1. You never have to get in a hurry to go to the bathroom.
2. You don’t have to excuse yourself at the table after a large meal.
3. Your feet and legs will never itch because they would be numb.
4. You could certainly save money on toilet tissue.
5. If you are the boyfriend you could charge people to come look at her.
6. I’m sure you could get in the Guinness Book of World Records.

I can think of some other advantages but this is a family blog. I do think the boyfriend should have called the police a little sooner though. My mama always taught me that after someone sits on a toilet seat for one year I should call for help.

Two years is way too long.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she had a good magazine to read.

Dufer said...

I'm just wondering where you found the photo to post with the article?

Bruce, if you see this please E-mail Duane Fernandez at

We're working on a move to the Houston County area and I'd like to make contact.


"online friend" :) said...

I'm also wondering where U found the photo in the article ~ hmmm...
goooo Kathy! (ha)
Let's see now, & this "toilet women" would eat ???????? & did the goofy boyfriend slide it under the door?
How bazaar can folks get?!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I bet she had severe case of hemrrhoids!!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope it wasn't a one bathroom apartment.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, there are just some things that I don't need to know.

Anonymous said...

How can this happen in America.