Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Company

I think I have written here that Friday night is pretty much Taylor night at our house. On most Friday nights she spends the night with her Papa and her Meme. And I sure do look forward to having some Taylor time.

But tonight Taylor ain’t feeling so hot. She has been sick most of the week with an ear infection and has been running fever. As Dr. Whatley used to say, the ear ache is bad company. So I was very glad when her mom and dad took her to the doctor earlier in the week and got her on some medicine.

Us Papas worry about stuff like that.

Taylor is clinging to her Meme tonight. I don’t know what it is but babies like mommy’s and meme’s when they get sick. And babies get special privileges when they get sick.

Like sitting in Meme’s bed with Meme and watching TV.

We might not get a whole lot of sleep tonight but there will be a whole lot of snuggling going on. The ear ache may be bad company.

But Taylor is good company. As good as it gets.

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Sara said...

Taylor is so big. I know you all enjoy having her over every Friday. Are you all going back to Hilton Head this year? We are June 14.

Sara and Joe Whitley