Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Voting for Brooke

I’m not much of a TV person these days. As you know I travel most all the time and have to go out to eat when I’m on the road. It is usually kind of late when I get back to the hotel room and then there are business emails to get caught up with and work to do.

Then I unwind by writing a blog. And I usually get in the bed and read before I go to sleep. How long I read is according to how sleepy I am.

The television is rarely ever turned on.

In spite of all that, due to modern technology, I have pretty much become addicted to American Idol. Our television at home is set to record American Idol so I usually watch it on the weekends. And I like that because I can fast forward through the commercials. Since I am at home this week, I have watched the last two nights live. I started watching the show because I love music. But I kept watching because I love to see people walk out a limb. As you have heard me say before, most folks never know what they can do because they never put themselves in a position to fail. These young folks on American Idol are putting themselves out there every week. And they are growing every week. I get inspired watching them.

Last night Brooke began her song and forgot the lyrics. To keep her wits and remember all the lyrics after having to start over in front of millions of folks might just be the greatest accomplishment I’ve seen yet on that show. It has to be difficult enough to remember all the words to begin with but when you forget the lyrics and have to start over without time to get your breath, the difficultness increases exponentially.

I am very glad she got enough votes to stay on the show. I’m sorry the tattoo woman got voted off but Brooke earned the right to stay. I have a feeling her humanness got her a lot of votes this week.

They will be singing Neil Diamond next week. Whatever you do, don’t tell me who gets voted off. It will be a few days before I get to see it.

I know some are voting for John McCain, some for Ms. Clinton and some for Barry Obama.

Me? I’m voting for Brooke.

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