Sunday, April 27, 2008

Only a Memory

Everybody has a hero when they are a kid. In fact you may be somebody’s hero and you don’t even know it. And the opportunity to be someone’s hero is probably a short term thing.

Yesterday I ran into my childhood hero at the Strawberry Festival in my home town.

I have written here that when I was growing up in Reynolds the people of Reynolds supported the community. The community consisted of church, the Kiwanis Club, the Woman’s Club, the local businesses and the school.

Reynolds High School was more than an institution. It was the center of activity in town. I have fond memories of the Halloween Carnival that was held each year right in the halls of the high school. I remember going to piano recitals when the auditorium upstairs at the high school would be completely full. The entire community came to support the kids in the recital.

But when I think of growing up I always think first of the basketball games at Fickling Gymnasium at Reynolds High School. Our team was the Reynolds Tigers – purple and gold were the colors. And everybody showed up to support the home team. I think I can name every player that played on the girl’s team as well as the boy’s team during my elementary school years.

But there was one player who stood out.

Ronnie Visage, pictured here in the yellow shirt with my brother in law, was an incredible high school basketball player who dominated on the basketball court. I can still hear the crowd cheering for Ronnie and the cheerleaders calling his name. “Ronnie Ronnie he’s our man. If he can’t do it NOBODY can.” I truly believed that to be true. As a boy coming up that wanted to be a basketball player I idolized this Reynolds Tiger. He was my inspiration as I shot 1000 times a day in that same gymnasium during my own high school years. The high school had closed by then but the memories of Ronnie Visage playing in that gym were very much alive as I shot basketballs until I had blisters on my hands.

You will notice that Ronnie’s basketball playing days are pretty much over. Actually I should say completely over.

The point here is our opportunity to be someone’s hero doesn’t last forever.

Whatever we do well now will one day be only a memory.


Anonymous said...

Ronnie Visage was a great HS basketball player! I haven't thought about him in a long time. Thanks for the memories. Also thanks for reminding us to live in the present.

judy s said...

Memories. Those were the days. Ronnie never missed a high school game until the end of the season his senior year. I believe we were in Fort Valley and Ronnie became ill during the game. I don't remember the details because that has been so long ago. I am also trying to remember the starters. I know Ronnie, of course, Donald Hartley, Rusty Lane and I think Mike Brunson, but who was the other one.

Anonymous said...

Ronnie needs some exercise

Anonymous said...

Bobby Martin was the other starter...and yes, those were some of the Glory Years !!

Anonymous said...

Ronnie has had 12 knee surgeries on his left knee. Right now the doctor at Hughston Clinic is doing everything possible to keep him from loosing that leg. He can use all the prayers he can get. He only wishes he could exercise!

Claudia said...

Ronnie has had really serious knee problems and just can't do things like he used to..