Thursday, April 03, 2008

What Happens in NYC Stays in NYC

I suppose when most folks go to New York City they go bar hopping and drink way too much. Some go dessert hopping and eat way too much.

We did the latter.

It seems at least a couple times a day during our visit to NYC we found ourselves sitting in a little Deli or a quaint little restaurant and smiling at the menu and smiling at the desserts already sitting on the tables of other patrons.

I mentioned yesterday that New York was blog heaven. It is also dessert heaven.

From the best cheesecake I have ever put in my mouth to scrumptious desserts with sensual names such as Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Can’t Say No Sundae and Strawberry Fields Sundae – you can hurt yourself just trying to decide what to order.

But I don’t think any of us gained weight on our trip – in spite of all the dessert eating. We walked it off. In fact we walked so much that I seriously considered paying a Chinaman to rub my feet while the ladies were negotiating for purses. But being the heterosexual I am, I backed out for lack of enough good information about that particular foot parlor. I just wanted a foot rub. I wasn’t interested in a relationship.

If you decide to take a trip to NYC and go “dessert hopping”, take this advice from this dessert eating fool. Make sure you try the New York Cheesecake at Carnegie Deli. It is huge and will make you want to slap your grandma for sure. The cheesecake right up the street at Stage Deli ain’t bad either. La bella Ferrara in Little Italy on Mulberry has an incredible Chocolate Mousse Tart and is known all over the world. I think we tried about 5 different desserts at Serendipity. I vote for the “Can’t Say No Sundae” as the best of the best. But the “Forbidden Broadway” thing looked pretty sexy as well.

Please don’t tell anybody that I stopped at a little store on the way back to our apartment late one night and bought a pint of chocolate ice cream. That would really be embarrassing if people found that out.

What happens in New York City stays in New York City.


Judy S said...

I never realized just how much Kathy and Lynne looked alike and how much both of them look like Mrs Irene. That is definately a compliment.

Now you and Jimmy (Jim), what is that you are eating? Boy did it look good. I love ice cream too. Family trips are so much fun. Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce Lynn shared your blogsite with me and a few details of your recent trip - all I heard was DESSERTS, DESSERTS, DESSERTS,-sounds like fun! My kinda town, new york is!! I hooted when she told me about your elegant "apartment"! It pays to know people in high places!! I signed up to receive updates and my computer has not exploded yet so I guess I'm safe! :>)