Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Annual Irene Birthday and Golf Challenge

If it takes an 80th birthday party for the family matriarch to get everyone together so be it. Sure beats gathering for a funeral.

The Irene Underwood children, grandchildren and great grandchildren converged on Warner Robins this weekend. Add to that most of her siblings, a few of their children and a few of her fellow residents from Antebellum Grove and you have yourself a very good venue to take a ton of pictures.

I didn’t take a ton but I took a stab at it with 101 pictures.

There were posing opportunities for everyone. You know how it goes. Mama whispers to Sissy, “I want you to pose with Aunt Beulah. You know she might not be here next year.”

I remember for at least 15 years my Mama called all her kids on the phone a few weeks before Thanksgiving with these guilt-laden words; “I want everybody here this year. This could be Mama Mabel’s last Thanksgiving.” The truth is she almost outlived Mama.

The weekend gathering was also an excuse for the guys to get together to play golf. The young knockers (pictured here) took on the old knockers (not pictured here). The young knockers won by one stroke. But I am certain the old knockers would have won if I had not forgotten my golf shoes.

I became Irene’s son in law 31 years ago. That means she was only 49 years old which would have made her about 4 or 5 years younger than I am now. I’ve seen her in the good times and I have seen her in the difficult times. And I have drawn at least two conclusions.

She is one tough cookie. And she has been one heck of a mother and mother in law.

We plan on getting this crowd together next year to celebrate again and create more posing opportunities. She has definitely earned the gathering in her honor. We may even call it the “Annual Irene Birthday and Golf Challenge.”

The young knockers should beware. Next year I won’t forget my golf shoes.


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend!!!
Kathy G

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe "Ms. Corene" is 80. Where does time go? I remember hanging out with her while still in high school. Mia (Under) and I were good friends, and even though Mia moved to Rome, GA, I continued to ride to school and "hang out" with Ms. Corene. There was never a dull moment back in the day.

She is one Classy Lady with a Great Personality!

You're right, she is one tough cookie, and she deserves a celebration.

Please send my love and wishes to her, and I hope to see her soon.

I sure miss her apple and ice cream dessert.

Vicki Lynn