Sunday, May 11, 2008

I Never Even Got Her Name

I don’t think I was invited to this wedding. And I have a feeling when this bride checks out her wedding pictures she will have a difficult time figuring out who the tall gray haired man is in her pictures.

She never looked at me when we posed for this picture. And we never said a word to each other. She probably thought I was a distant relative of the guy she had just married.

I can just see this family gathered around the wedding album in the not too distant future when they realize that I was a wedding crasher.

This wedding took place on a riverboat as it made its way down the Tennessee River last Thursday evening. We didn’t actually witness the marriage ceremony but we did get to witness the first dance and the bride dancing with her dad. Actually we witnessed the entire party. When you are on a boat you really don’t have the option to leave anyway.

The bride was beautiful. The groom seemed well pleased. And all seemed well on the Tennessee River.

And I never even got her name.

But I did get a picture to capture the moment.


Anonymous said...

What a hoot!!! Hillarious. You have waaaay too much fun.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at this.

Kassie Dutton said...

Thats hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your a regular chick magnet