Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Would Be Honored

I jumped off another bridge last weekend. Something else to do. Like I really need something else to do.

I joined the Facebook social network.

When I was a kid the only social network we had was what we called “Slam Books.” My friends and classmates would have these small notebooks and write names on each page. Then they would pass the little book around and people would write things about the person at the top of each page. You could find out if a girl liked you or didn’t like you by reading what she wrote in the slam book.

I found out what others thought about me. I vividly remember somebody thought I was cute (probably some guy), some thought I was funny and somebody thought I was stuck up. Very enlightening information for a 13 year old boy.

The slam book has now given way to the Facebook. And I have to say that Facebook is much more sophisticated.

Actually I created a page on Facebook a couple of months ago for our home group from our church. We figured everyone could post things about where we would be meeting and what food we were supposed to bring. And possibly keep everybody posted on matters of concern or prayer.

But after looking at what is available on this social network and seeing how it works, I begin playing with it and finding folks already there and connecting electronically with them. And it is about the neatest thing I ever saw.

You can get all kinds of information about your friends and even let people know the books you are reading, what music you listen to, what you are doing now and what kind of mood you are in. And the list goes on. You can post pictures, videos and all kinds of stuff. You can have virtual conversations with many folks at one time and you can get caught up whenever you desire.

Moving from the Slam Book to Facebook is quite a large technological step. If you are not part of this social scene, I cordially invite you to join me by clicking here and inviting me to be your friend.

I would be honored.

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