Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just in Case

I actually remember when people used to pass the time rocking on the porch and visiting with their friends and neighbors. Most all the world problems were solved on the back porches of America. And lifelong relationships were formed.

Thanks to the handiwork of one David Bowden, a long time friend and remodeler extraordinaire, we have moved back in time at our house. For us that means we have moved out to our newly remodeled back porch. For some reason the conversation has picked up and we have begun resolving one world problem after another. I believe you just think more clearly with fresh air and ceiling fans.

We haven’t begun shelling peas and churning ice cream yet but I would not be surprised if that doesn’t come soon. For some reason the prospect of coming home to fresh air, the sound of chirping birds and good conversation appeals to me at this stage in my life.

Here’s hoping you drop by for a visit soon. I’m sure we will have no trouble striking up a conversation.

But if we have trouble with the conversation, the porch is equipped with hi speed internet access as well as a high definition television. I guess we went back in time but took a little technology with us.

Just in case we run out of problems to solve.


Anonymous said...

My favorite room!!!!!
Kathy G

Anonymous said...

I love the new porch. David B. did a great job. Can't wait to make more memories out on the porch.

Love You.. Mia