Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Lifetime Variety

After a marathon road trip this week, I got home early this afternoon and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I won’t even say how many miles I drove this week but it was close to a ton if you measure miles in pounds.

I then took my wife out on a date. We went to see the Indiana Jones movie and then went out to eat at local Italian Restaurant.

While we were in the movie, our daughter Dee called. Although she is not our blood daughter we consider her our daughter anyway. I have written about Dee before here. She lived with us during her senior year in high school many moons ago. She was a young shy girl in those days. Now she is a gorgeous, successful woman.

It goes without saying that we are very proud of our Dee. We love her and she loves us.

Deanne and her hubby Brian, who live in Atlanta, were in town for a high school graduation. Although they had already eaten when she called, Dee and Brian joined us for conversation at the restaurant. I did not have my camera with me so we took these fuzzy looking pictures with a cell phone. And somehow I did not come home with a picture of Brian.

Some folks come into our lives for a season. Some come for a lifetime.

Thankfully, Dee and Brian are the lifetime variety.


Anonymous said...


All your women are drop dead beautiful

Anonymous said...

How ironic, Carol and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant with Jim, Lynn, Daniel and Kerri. We had a long conversation. The guys went to see Indiana Jones and the girls went shopping. In some weird way, I guess we shared the evening.