Thursday, May 15, 2008


I’ve heard people many times talk about being ticked. This week I think I learned the origin of that term. I thought when someone gets ticked he or she is really mad. Not so. If you are ticked you jump and you run and you call home. And then you get online to read all about it.

A couple of nights ago I was in a hotel room talking on the phone. For some reason I was scratching my navel. In case you don’t know your anatomy, the navel is the place where the Indian shot you. At least that is what my mom used to tell me. I am not trying to be grotesque here so please be patient and hear me out. I am trying to help. I thought I had foreign matter in that secret place. I assumed it was lint but for the life of me I could not get it out. I never mentioned all this to Jon and Kay on the phone because getting something out of your navel is not something you tell others about. Especially when you are talking to them on the phone.

When I hung up the phone I had figured out that it was not lint but I had some sort of pimp ginny in my navel. I decided to go to the bathroom and take a look at it with the help of a mirror.

All of a sudden I pulled what looked like a lady bug out of my navel. I ran to the bathroom and threw the bug in the toilet. It was alive and moving. I was scratching my head (and my navel) trying to figure out how a lady bug got in my navel. And I started looking around the room for more of them.

After the initial shock I began to realize there had been a tic in my navel. I got online and looked at pictures of tics and confirmed my suspicion. I still have no idea how long the little creature had been attached in my navel. Maybe a few days, a few weeks or even a few years.

I did read that a tic needs a few days to cause disease in a human. Sadly I think this sucker had plenty of time to do his work. I talked to my doctor brother in law and he told me if I start getting flu like symptoms I need to contact my doctor immediately and get on medication.

So far I feel fine. But I read tonight that sometimes it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear from the disease caused from a tic. Hopefully I won’t get that disease.

So for the next 14 days I will wait.

And be ticked.


Anonymous said...

You are crazy!

Anonymous said...

wonder how many checked their "belly buttons"???:}
I did!

tom said...

You can tell how long the little critter had been there by the size of the tick. If he was full of blood he had probably been there for awhile. Did the head of the tick come out with the rest of his body or is it still embedded in your navel? You need to check on this.

southernjoy said...

You don't really want to know where {p} had a tick. Trust me... your belly button was a much better place.