Thursday, May 01, 2008

You've Got to Know When to Run

(Lake Charles, LA) After a long week of meetings in Houston I am making my way back home but stopped off here to attend a function and speak at a luncheon on Friday. My plan is to get home late Friday and one of my sons and me will play in a golf tournament this weekend.

My co-worker booked me a room at the L’auberge Hotel and Casino tonight which is a huge hotel with several restaurants, stores and a wonderful dessert store. Not to mention a very popular casino. My friend is a card carrying member of this place so he was able to secure a very cheap room. Actually the room isn’t cheap but is very nice. In other words it cost very little money but they plan to get their money other ways.

I brought my bag to the room and decided to go downstairs to eat and at least walk through the place. I ate at the buffet and made a point not to eat too much because I saw the dessert bar on the way to the buffet.

After eating dinner I decided to walk through the casino. I had a twenty dollar bill in my pocket and decided to donate it to the casino. I watched a few folks and looked at a few machines trying to figure the one to which I wanted to donate my twenty dollars.

After several attempts to put my Andrew Jackson in the little slot, I finally got it to work. I sat there nonchalantly (trying to look cool and blend in with the crowd) and began pushing the buttons. I got down to about $4 and all of a sudden I won $88. I immediately cashed out and got a redemption ticket for that amount. Since I had been sitting there less than five minutes, I put the ticket in my front pocket, took another twenty dollar bill and found another machine. After about four turns, I hit the jackpot for another $198. I couldn’t believe it but I cashed in again and put another redemption ticket in my front pocket. Since I was on a roll I took another $20 bill and found another machine. It just a couple of minutes I won another $38. Without hitting another button I cashed out again.

This time I went straight to the machine and cashed in my tickets. Kenny Rogers’ song was ringing in my ears when I walked out of the casino and headed to my room. “You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run.”

I ran with the cash.

I wasn’t exactly sure how it added up because I remembered that “you don’t count your money sitting at the table cause there’ll be plenty time for counting when the dealing’s done.”

So after I stopped by for a piece of the Jack Daniels chocolate cake, I made it back to my room and did some quick counting and figuring. I had spent $60 to win $324 and had exactly $264 more dollars in my pocket than I did when I walked in the casino. That’s not bad for a guy who has never even bought a lottery ticket.

To ease my conscious for the illicit monetary gain, I tipped the lady $5 at the dessert store. And I think I made a new friend.

Now I know why the line is so long in the lottery ticket line at the convenience store. In spite of my winnings tonight, you still won’t find me in that line.

You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away and know when to run.


Judy S said...

You did good. I need to take lessons from you. I don't know when to walk not to mention run. I do sent the amount to give them before I start. It is fun. As for the lottery, I'm always saying "when I win the lottery, I'm going to ????. You do have to buy a ticket to win and that's something that I think I've done maybe 5 times.

Anonymous said...

Wish we could stay at that hotel when we have our meetings in Lake Charles.

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I agree with you about the L’auberge Hotel. I had a speaking engagement there two years ago right after the hurricane. My room was amazing. It had a dining room, a den with a big screen, and a large bedroom had a big screen. The bathroom had separate his and hers sinks and dressing areas. Of course the man's side had a small flat screen. There was a glass surround shower and a huge soaking tub with a waterfall and a big screen on the wall. I was there only one night, I used all the TVs and watched a movie while soaking in the tube. Though I was paying for the room, I did notice when checking out that the room charge was only $158.

Dufer said...

Hey Bruce,

Jack Daniels chocolate cake and gambling?

What church did you say you belong to?

That's a great story.

I was at an event in Tampa, FL and the hotel gave us $10 coupon to use at the casino. We decided to use it for entertainment. I tried to play the computer version of slot machines. Playing the 5 cent slots I ended up with 37 cents. I wouldn't even let me play the last 7 nickels.

Next time I'll just follow you.

Anonymous said...

I stay there often. I am a Butler native, you know my parents... the Swearingens. I reside in DeRidder, LA now. Just 45 minutes from Lake Charles. I do not think any hotel could offer more... did you see the pool? That is the icing on the cake. Make sure you come back and play... And get your fill of the crawfish too... there is none like it anywhere else!