Monday, June 23, 2008

The Important Stuff

A couple of our favorite folks showed up at our house tonight. Actually we consider this couple (I have written about before) our own so they don’t need an invitation. But we did invite them to eat and hangout tonight for a couple of reasons… or three.

One reason was I was hungry and I knew Kathy would cook a great meal if Brad and Tess were coming to eat.

Secondly , Brad and Tessa are expecting their first baby in November. Although they called us when they first got the pregnant news, this was the first time we have seen Tessa’s growing tummy. They are supposed to find out Friday if they are having a girl or a boy. (And they will decide if they will name the child Brucette or Brucella).

And thirdly, this Thursday Brad and Tess will celebrate their third anniversary. So we had all kinds of reasons to celebrate.

Kathy and Tess are both schoolteachers on summer break. Brad is finishing his third year of Medical School and his days and nights are packed. I travel all the time and stay about as busy as one can be. Brad will be back at the hospital early in the morning and I will soon be headed to the airport.

But tonight for about four hours we laid aside all the stuff that consumes our lives and did the important stuff. We ate very well. We laughed a lot. And Brad and I watched the Georgia Dawgs win the first game of the finals of the College World Series.

But more importantly we enjoyed each other’s company.

Good food. Good friends. Good fellowship. Great time.

And that really is the important stuff.

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