Monday, June 16, 2008

You Are Excused

The Gross National Product dropped today. I am quite confident that production in the business world bottomed out on this Monday afternoon. As I wrote yesterday many people called in sick today. And a lot of the folks who made it to the office didn’t do a whole lot – at least in the afternoon (AP Photograph).

But I think the game of golf moved up a notch or two.

One of the greatest sports events ever was playing out on national television. Quite conveniently through the power of the internet, it was also playing out on desktop computers throughout the United States. I’m sure a few folks got busted by their non sports minded bosses. Some were able to get their work done with a minimized view of the golf game in the top right hand corner of their computers. Some felt guilty for drawing a paycheck while watching every swing and every stroke for 19 holes of golf.

One unnamed person who works for another company called me and said he felt guilty about doing little or no work until he called his boss in another state. He was watching too.

For those of you not in the know, the United States Open Golf Championship was winding up today between the number one golfer in the world and a 45 year old player ranked 158. That would be Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate. Tiger would be number 1 with about twice as many points as the number 2 ranked player .

At the beginning of the week, Rocco sat snuggly between number 157 Brett Quigley and 159 Vaughn Taylor.

It was a golf event for the ages. Tiger figured out a way to win after the 18 hole playoff went into sudden death. But he had the fight of his life. It was war. And Rocco did himself proud.

For those of you who feel guilty about your lack of production at work today, you shouldn’t. For those of you who woke up sick this morning you shouldn’t feel guilty either. Sometimes there are things that are more important than work. This golf event falls in that category.

You are excused. Just make it up tomorrow.

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Tiger Woods for Vice President (ha ha!)