Sunday, July 20, 2008

May He Rest in Peace

I received the following email from Edward Arnold less than a month ago. The “less that twelve months” he had been given turned out to be less than four weeks. Edward passed away this morning at home surrounded by his family.

“I am the resurrection and the life. The person who believes in me, even though he dies, will live.” John 11:25 NIV

Not only will he live on in heaven but also in all of us he touched here along the way.

May he now rest in peace.

June 25, 2008


Moments after leaving you a voice message, I located your email address. Just wanted to be added to your prayer list. Last week I was diagnosed with angioimmunoblastic lymphoma in my T-cells, a rare and very aggressive cancer that is extranodal, having spread to my bone marrow and spleen. Chemotherapy treatment is uncertain at this point until it can be determined by an echocardiogram if my heart can take it, and a spinal tap to see if the cancer is in my spinal fluid as well. If chemotherapy is contraindicated or unsuccessful, I have been given "less than 12 months" to live. It seems so unreal. I had no symptoms until about 6 weeks ago,and now am in stage 4 (of 4) lymphoma cancer. An anemic disorder (which led to the discovery of the cancer) further complicates matters.


1. Total resignation to God's will.
2. Peace for my family.
3. Medicaid and disability retroactive coverage as I am uninsured and now unable to work. Just getting to and from treatment is an ordeal.

Thank you. I love and admire you, Bruce. May God's omnipotent Hand always be upon you.

Edward Arnold


Keith Gaines said...

God touched many people through Ed's life. I expect that God will continue to touch many through him, even after his death.

Ed was a real human being with a unique gift of humor and truth. His stories have kept many in stitches down through the years. His sermons still cause many to think deeply about their lives. His ability to put the two together has forever burned his memory into the lives of those who knew him.

Our prayers are with his family at this time. May God's Holy Spirit bring you peace and the assurance that your son, brother, father, grandfather, etc... is at Home with Him. May each of you know that you will see him again!

Keith and Dianne Gaines

Murray said...

After many years of not communicating since high school, Ed and I had a few weeks of exchanging emails and humor. This started after he participated in the services for Lisa Windham recently.
We share a lot of the same values and I wish we had more time to enjoy the conversations.
I am glad that we did have a chance to talk about old times, and catch up.
I wish all of his family the best during this very difficult time in their lives.

Murray Walker