Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Worth Watching

Due to the incredible number of hits I had on this blog the last couple of days, I think I need to make one more post on the most incredible engagement I've ever experienced. Actually it is the only one I ever experienced except my own - which actually wasn't very romantic.

It was brought to my attention that some folks cannot see videos on my blog. If you would let me borrow your computer a few minutes I would fix that for you unless you are at your job which blocks them.

But just in case - here is the youtube link for the video I posted yesterday of Luke surprising Drew on Sunday. Be sure to check it out.

This one is definitely worth watching.

(Picture above is Kathy and me with Luke and Drew and her family)

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Brad said...

Bruce, we saw the video of Drew and Luke, and we thought it was awesome! Drew and Luke are so blessed to have found each other. It is obvious that they are very happy. Marsha cried like a baby when she watched it, and I must admit that it was definitely a tear jerker. Congratulations to all of you!
Brad, Marsha, and Bubba