Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pepto-Bismol Night

(Roswell, GA) If I keep eating like I have been eating this week, I’ll need some professional counseling and also a professional tailor.

I think I know why I am feeling a little sick at my stomach. I’ll share my eating week and give you a little restaurant review at the same time.

Monday night: Houston’s located at Lenox in Atlanta. They have the best chicken tenders I have ever eaten. They melt in your mouth. I have tried to go there and NOT order the chicken tenders but I can’t. Their house salad with hot bacon and honey mustard dressing is also the best I’ve ever had. And I’ll admit, I did not turn down the hot brownie and ice cream at the end.

Tuesday night: Fogo de Chao Churrascaria at Buckhead is for meat lovers, which I am. If you haven’t figured it out this is Brazilian and it features the largest and most abundant salad bar you will find anywhere. Additionally when you sit at the table they give you a round card that is red on one side and green on the other. As long as you have your card on green, waiters are lined up with various delicious meats on a stick. They slice it at your plate. The secret here is to pace yourself by intermittently using the red side of the card. I didn’t. And I didn’t sleep too much that night. Not sure if it was all the meat I ate or the delicious key lime pie I ate for an encore.

Wednesday night: Dantanna’s Surf, Turf and Turf at Buckhead. I was determined to eat much lighter and I did. I ate grilled fish and it was delicious and I had the will power to turn down their homemade desserts.

Thursday at noon: I walked out of a Burger King because of sorry service and sorry servers. That story is a blog in itself. I ended up going down the street and picking up 5 Krystal’s to go. I eat them off the grill with no ketchup or mustard. I tried them this way because I would drip mustard on my tie as I ate the little burgers driving down the road. I have decided they are better without the condiments. Also leaving the condiments off gives me about 15 extra minutes before having a bathroom attack.

Thursday night: I was at home and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – only one. And it hit the spot and I was very proud of myself. The problem is someone gave me two homemade cakes – one chocolate and the other strawberry. I had to eat a piece of that delicious chocolate cake.

Friday noon: A new Sticky Fingers has opened in Macon so I left the office at noon and ran out to grab a bite. There was a 30 minute wait but I ran into my brother and sister in law and joined them at their table and didn’t have to wait. I ate the chicken lunch. It was delicious and it was a small portion.

Friday night: Kathy and I are spending the weekend at our kids house who live in Atlanta. We ate at Stoney River which is known for the legendary steaks. I ordered a small one and didn’t eat but about half of that. My steak was not cooked as ordered so they offered us dessert on the house. Incredibly, I turned it down. By the way, my son told me a friend of his saw Whitney Houston in that restaurant a few months ago.

Today at lunch: I skipped it but did share a large popcorn with my wife at the amazing IMAX Theater at the Mall of Georgia in Atlanta. If you have never had the IMAX Experience, you should. You get the feeling you are in the movie. I had to move to the back of the theater during the show. I felt I was getting car sick.

Tonight: We joined my brother in law and sister in law at Atlantic Seafood in Alpharetta. I ate their grilled Grouper and I was proud of myself that I ate another light meal. It was delicious. The homemade Key Lime Pie wasn’t bad either.

As good as the food as been, for some reason this is definitely a Pepto Bismol night. I deserve it for sure.

Next week will have to be much different.


Anonymous said...

Start an exercise program.

Anonymous said...


Just 5 Krystals, I remembered the time that you eat 12 Krystals after a basketball game in Macon. Let me know if you need to find good BBQ.

Richard Preston
Certified Master BBQ Judge

Anonymous said...

How big is a Krystals Burger? If anything like a White Castle, you should be able to whole about 10 of them. And then a bottle of Pepto to go. Wont be able to tell if the bathroom is from burgers or Pepto.
West Texas!!

KAT said...

I understand what your feelings are about Burger King. I went to a BK for years and they wanted me to pull out faster to activate their stupid timer. I growled at them. I can be undiplomatic in the face of unrepenant incompetence.

The manager there seemed like he was on meds; when I got my food another time he asked if I were ok and was a neurotic about it. I said, curtly, "YES!" when he asked me again.

There is a video out about a BK worker bathing in the kitchen sink. Heads rolled of course.

Warner Robins is not too far behind Macon in the fast food category- or service in general. The stores used to be so good down there. I did go to a Walgreen down there. The white-coats were good to me. The clerks I didn't even bother with.

As per BBQ I want to go to Hillsboro's new restaurant. The newspaper describes it as having old memorabilia in an old country store. The area is so nice and quiet. I used to love fishing at the Forest Service lake before they "converted" it to day use and drained the lake.

Anonymous said...

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