Monday, August 04, 2008

Second Chances

The Peach County GA Chamber of Commerce is having a “Grand Closing” celebration on Friday. The celebration is because Café Erotica is shutting its doors. The property has been purchased by some local investors and their very honorable plan is to raze the building and replace it with a commercial retail center.

Good riddance to Café Erotica.

But the closing of this business means the unemployment rate just went up. I worry about the girls. My hope is some local business owners will reach out to these girls and consider them for other jobs. The way I see it, a girl who is aggressive enough to dance in her nakedness in front of lonely truckers and other travelers would probably do well at other more reputable jobs. For instance, a sales position requires thick skin but you don’t have to show your skin. I would also think she would probably sleep better at night as well.

The investors have done their part for the good of the community. Maybe some others need to step up to the plate, finish the job and help bring some of girls back into the mainstream to get them on a better path.

My goodness, if I had taken just another or two wrong turns down the path of life as a young man I could have been a nude dancer.

Thank God for mortuary school.

The only other thing I’m concerned about is how I’m going to give directions to my house. Before it was rather easy: Drive down I-75 south of Macon and when you start seeing the “We Bare All” signs you are getting close to the exit. When you get to Café Erotica take the exit and turn left at the naked lady. Now I will have to use Exit numbers and stuff. But I think I will be able to handle that change.

Besides the girls and the directions, I can’t think of any other negative ramifications.

By the way, the girls shown above are NOT for sale or hire. We all go to church together, all are happily married (or close to married) and gainfully employed. And they will probably shoot me when they see this photo here.

But a photograph of some former Café Erotica dancers who have been given a fighting chance to make something of themselves would probably look similar.

Good riddance to Café Erotica.

But thank God we all get second chances.


Anonymous said...

oh my. I thank God for mortuary school too.

Anonymous said...

My my my Brucie!!! You had me going!!
Cute girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

The chicken wings were good, but they were more famous for their breasts.

Anonymous said...

Bruce you evidently thought hard about the fact that a couple of wrong turns and you "might" have been a table dancer. My question is "what would your stage name have been?"

Ben said...

Great post! I can't tell you how thankful I am that God is a God of second chances!