Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why Aren't You Facebooking?

For a guy who travels most all the time I have found the perfect way to stay connected with friends. At some point almost every night or early in the morning I will make a quick trip online and check on the status of my Facebook friends.

By viewing their status, I can tell who is not feeling well and who is feeling good. For example tonight I found out that Diane is hoping tomorrow will be better. I learned that Mark is home eating cookies and his bride is loving life. I now know that Chelcey is ready for Athens this weekend and Whitney has picked up her hubby from the airport by now. I discovered Julie still has cleaning to do, Anisa is worried about her son talking too much and Ben is watching Obama give his speech.

With that said I thought I would introduce you to a few of my favorite Facebook friends. I will be adding to this list from time to time so keep checking so you can meet some new friends.

I met Dr. Gary from Greenwood SC a couple of years ago at a speaking engagement there. We have stayed in touch since and he now is serving as a medical missionary in Afghanistan. Without the power of the internet I’m sure our friendship would never have even started. Because of the power of the internet I have discovered that this doctor is truly a prince among men who is determined to make a difference in the world. And he is succeeding.

I call Cindy my neice in law because she is. She may be the most eligible bachelorette on the planet and because of Facebook I can check almost any day to see if she is stuck in an airport in Pittsburgh or traveling in Kansas or appearing in a Magazine that is being distributed in Georgia. Or cheering for her beloved Tennessee Volunteers where she is a proud alumnus. If Tennessee beats Georgia this year I will hear from her. If Georgia beats Tennessee she will be extremely quiet.

Anisa and her husband Mick make their living in the real estate business during the week. But on Sundays Anisa is a rock star. She is one of the worship leaders at our church where over 2000 attend every week. She has a voice that makes you wonder if she was a blues singer in another life. And as you can see, she ain’t bad to look at either. But because of Facebook I know her main job is being a mom to her kids and a wife to her husband. What a neat family!

At one moment Kristen was a little girl and the next moment she had grown up and turned into a beautiful young woman. It really is amazing how quickly that happens. I would never be able to communicate with Kristen and encourage her if not for Facebook. She has wonderful parents and has her head on straight and will accomplish great things in life. And because of Facebook I get to spur her on. How neat is that?

Julie is a former co-worker and special friend from Oklahoma who has moved to Berlin Germany with her Air Force hubby Troy. I’ve known Julie for years and she posts pictures on her Facebook page and I get to keep up with her in Germany just by the click of a button. Julie and Troy also have a beautiful daughter named Hallie Reese who I get to watch grow up by looking at my computer screen.

Mike and Lynn are special folks to me because they bought our family house after my parents died. They ended up selling it and moving on when Mike decided to give up teaching school and go to Seminary. I had lost contact with them until one night a few weeks ago Lynn popped up on my Facebook page. And now I can keep up with them on a daily basis.

All that leads to a very important question to those of you in the dark ages.

Why in the world aren’t you Facebooking?

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Gary Goforth M.D. said...

Bruce, thanks for promoting Facebook. The Internet has truly helped the world to become a much smaller place! Thanks for your friendship!