Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Bold Prediction

Are you confused yet?

Our economic crisis is driving me nuts. Who in the world do you believe? Who do you trust?

The President of the United States has said if Congress does not act quickly “this sucker will sink.” All of a sudden the Democrats are supporting a version of the President’s bailout plan and the Republican’s are against it.

Go figure.

John McCain has suspended his campaign to head to Washington to fix the problem. Obama wants to debate McCain in Mississippi and McCain says he’s not going until a deal is done.

Whatever happened to Sarah Palin? Or Joe Biden for that matter.

What is the stock market going to do tomorrow or for most of you reading this - what is it doing now? Is it crashing? Are our retirement funds about to go down the tubes?

Is our way of life in jeopardy? Do I need to go to the bank in the morning and pull my money out and put it in a pillow case at home?

I have a lot of questions and not many answers. And I don’t really have a crystal ball as shown here but I will make a bold prediction.

Alabama 41 Georgia 30 in a black out back breaker.


Tom said...

I believe your beloved Dawgs will have their hands full this weekend. My prediction

Bama 17
Georgia 14

Anonymous said...

bruce, that was great and i am with you on that one. GO DAWGS!!

Anonymous said...

Bulldog by birth, Crimson Tide by the grace of God. We might not be quite deep enough just yet to be blowing the Dawgs out, but maybe we can squeak it out by one, 14-13.

Anonymous said...

we didn't just get beat we got spanked up and down the field

Sherry said...

luv ya bruce but predictions are not your strong suit! Go Bama!!!