Wednesday, September 17, 2008


There is nothing special about this little framed house located in Sylacauga, AL. But I knew I had to stop and get a picture. And hopefully the story behind the little house will encourage some of you young folks out here in cyberspace to keep dreaming and keep pursuing your dreams.

Jim Nabors, who would become famous as Gomer Pyle on the Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC, grew up in this house. He was the son of a Sylacauga policeman. He went to high school here and started dreaming big while singing in his local church and the high school glee club. Jim graduated from high school in 1947 and went to the University of Alabama where he earned a degree in Business Administration.

While in college he began his acting career when he performed in a Greek skit show. After graduation he moved to New York and worked in a clerical position at the United Nations. He later moved to Los Angeles and got a job as a film cutter. At nights he performed at a theater called The Horn as a singer where he also did a monologue. Andy Griffith came in one night and was impressed with his monologue and asked him to audition for the role of a country bumpkin gas station attendant on his show.

Incredibly, Jim Nabors was 32 years of age when Andy Griffith discovered him. But a country dummy he was not.

We all know he went on to not only star on the big screen but also became an international singing star. He recorded 28 albums including five gold records and one platinum.

And it all started in this little house in Sylacauga Alabama.

I understand fully that every dream does not come true for everybody. But we can never realize our potential if we never dream. And dreams do come true. Jim Nabors' story should remind all of us that we should never give up. And never, never, never quit dreaming. And never quit putting ourselves in a position for our dreams to come true.

You just might wake up one morning and shake your head and realize you are living it.



Anonymous said...

Not only do we need to dream, but also take a chance.

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Judy S said...

When we stop dreaming, we stop living.

The Epps Family said...

Well written. I grew up in Jim's same small town....