Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good Touch. Bad Touch. I Touch.

Okay I’ll admit it. I am a gadget fool. I'd rather spend an hour in Best Buy than any clothing store I know about. And I think I have passed the obsession down to my offspring. One of my sons got an I-Phone this week. When he called yesterday afternoon I could almost see him smiling through my Blackberry. He even called me a few times last night checking out some of the cool features.

And they are cool.

I know the smile because about a month ago I bought the newest version of the I-Touch for myself. It’s a step down from the I-Phone but many steps up from whatever else is out there. At least his I-Phone is for business. My I-Touch is for fun.

My wife and I spent about 12 hours in an airplane this past week. With the little incredible device in my hand, I watched the movie, The Sting, five episodes of the Dick Van Dyke Show (in High Definition no less), watched several music videos, listened to a lot of great music I had downloaded, listened to about half of a book on audio, play “flick bowl” until I bowled a 179 and even cast my I Touch that becomes a fishing pole into a beautiful make-believe lake and caught a bucket of bass. And I never got out of my seat except to go to the bathroom. I think the I-touch probably has a slot for that but I haven’t found it yet.

My wife finally grabbed it and with the touch of her index finger she watched several episodes of Dick Van Dyke for herself.

Not to worry, I just reached for my electronic Kindle and read that day’s Atlanta Journal I had downloaded at the airport.

And during the layovers at the airport, I used the I-Touch to browse the internet and catch up on emails and update Facebook.

Not very important stuff – but incredible technology.

Since my wife is a schoolteacher I have been familiar with Good Touch - Bad Touch for many years. Now by golly there is I-Touch.

I hope you touch one soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey, enough about touching. Tell us about the trip.

Anonymous said...

there go our bonuses.