Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Am Thankful

Last week I was on an elevator in a hotel when a stranger joined me. I spoke to him and asked him how he was doing. He quickly responded, “I’m living the dream.”

That guy caused me to have a very early in the morning smile.

I was reminded I’m getting to do the same. And I sure am thankful for the opportunity to live it. In fact I’m thankful for a lot of stuff.

I am thankful for all the struggles. There have been plenty along the way and I know they will continue to come. But I know I’m always much better off having gone through them than I would be without them.

I’m thankful for Friday nights. During the last couple of years, Friday night has been “Taylor” night at our house. Just the thought of snuggling with my beautiful grandbaby girl can cause me to tear up. She is a true gift from God.

I’m thankful for the power of laughter. I love to laugh and I love to see others laugh. It really is medicine for the soul.

I’m thankful for old friends. Having grown up in a small town where friends are generational, I get to have relationships with folks most can’t understand. It is a special thing to run into someone I have known all my life and know their grandparents and most likely the names of their great grandparents. Those guys get a hug from me when I see them. The gals get a kiss.

I’m also thankful for new friends. I haven been given the opportunity to meet and build relationships with a lot of folks in different parts of the country. I have decided that people are basically the same wherever they live. There are a few jerks here and there but most are incredible.

I’m thankful for memories of the greatest parents a boy could possibly have. Like everybody else, they were not perfect but for some reason all I remember now is the perfect stuff.

I’m thankful for the opportunity that comes my way from time to time to help somebody who is in the ditch of life. It’s a blessing when I find myself in the right place at the right time. And I’m thankful for the many folks who have helped me out of the ditch along the way.

I am thankful for my church and the small group we meet with on a regular basis. To these young couples I am not co-worker or boss or dad or anything. I’m just Bruce. And we are building relationships that will last a lifetime.

I’m thankful that I am gainfully employed. In the world we live in now, that is truly a blessing. You won’t find me complaining about long hours or traveling or anything else related to work. I’m just thankful to get to do it.

I am thankful for my siblings and their families and my wife’s siblings and their families. Everybody loves each other and is on speaking terms. And before the holiday season is over, both families will gather and celebrate life and the reason for the season.

I am thankful for my three imperfect sons. If they were perfect they would not belong to me. They all are different. They all are gifted. And they all love their mom and dad. What a blessing they are.

I am thankful for my two perfect daughters in law and the future perfect daughter in law in waiting. When my boys were little I always wondered who they would marry. These girls have far and away exceeded all my hopes and dreams. I am one blessed daddy in law. I take care of them because I’m sure these girls will one day decide which nursing home to put me in.

I am thankful for my wife. This past July Kathy and I celebrated our 31st anniversary. She puts up with a lot being married to me. She is once, twice, three times a lady. And I love her.

More than anything I’m thankful for an incredible God who has given me purpose in life and the opportunity to live my dream. Or maybe it's His dream for me. One thing is for sure - He never lets go.

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I love you!!