Sunday, December 07, 2008

He Missed It All

It was party time at our house on Saturday with two wedding parties for two separate brides. I think my wife may have lost her mind.

The first party began at 11AM and included a house full of ladies. I was conspicuously absent. I got out of Dodge before the crowd gathered. My son and daughter in law joined me for a late leisurely breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel while the wild women were partying. The party was given in honor of our friend Jordie who will be getting married next June to her man Logan. Jordie’s mom and my wife teach together and several of the ladies from school hosted the party. My wife gladly provided the house.

I actually got back as the crowd was getting ready to leave and I got to help load some of the gifts in their car. More importantly, I got to hug the soon to be bride. Jordie is a gorgeous sweetheart and I have a strong feeling Logan may as well have won the lottery when he won this gal’s heart.

Interestingly, almost before Jordie and her entourage got out of the front door, the next hosts were coming in the back door with more food, table cloths and decorations for the next party. This affair would be a couple’s shower for my son and his bride to be. It was hosted by a couple of our nieces and our daughters in law. Family and friends from both sides of the families came from far and wide to attend this affair. Incredibly I would miss this party too.

Unbeknownst to my wife, I had a speaking engagement at the Officer’s Club at Robins AFB on Saturday night and it had been on my calendar for several months. It was impossible for me even to think about getting out of that engagement. I did get to greet about half the 40 or so people as they came in and I was hoping I would get back before the crowd left.

I didn’t.

Luke and Drew are planning on getting married on September 19th next year. There will be no speaking engagements that day for me. I promise to make that party.

And I will be at Jordie’s wedding on June 13 as well.

As always, my gentle bride took it all in stride and she had a wonderful day with a house full of friends and family.

But her husband missed it all.

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Anonymous said...

I hate that I was not able to make it to Drew and Luke's shower. Mama said it was a great time and they got lots of cute decorations. Hope to see ya'll at some point around Christmas.
love you!!!