Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh My God-dard

I saw a sight a few nights before Thanksgiving that got my attention. My latest and last daughter in law (to be) came by the house with her mom to model her wedding dress. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Good lord I’m a softie.

Being since I have no idea how to describe a wedding dress I will just tell you it is a show stopper. I’m sure a lot of the show stopping ability of the dress has to do with the gal wearing it but trust me it is a show stopper. There is no doubt who will be the center of attention when she and Luke get married next September.

And it won’t be Luke.

I remember a few years ago when Kathy and I saw Tami (our first daughter in law) modeling her wedding dress a few months before the wedding. Maybe it was because I had never had a daughter in law before – I’m not sure. But I had tears running down my cheeks that night when she walked out in her aunt’s den wearing that dress. I had never seen anyone more beautiful.

The first time I saw my next daughter in law's dress was at their wedding. I almost lost my breath watching Holly walk down the aisle in that stunning dress. It was another very emotional moment. She was absolutely gorgeous. That mental picture is forever etched in this brain of mine.

Funny thing is I barely remember my wife’s dress when she walked down the aisle at our wedding. I think I don’t remember because I was nervous as a cat. Nervous not because I was getting married but Kathy and I memorized all our wedding vows (her idea – not mine). While most sane folks repeat the vows in short increments as the minister repeats them, we actually quoted our entire vows to each other with no help. The entire time she was walking down the aisle I was repeating my lines to myself.

And I completely missed the dress.

But I didn’t miss the wedding dresses of my first two daughters in law. And I didn’t miss the one Drew tried on for us last week.

I love being a husband, a daddy and a papa. But in case you haven’t noticed, I also love being a daddy in law.

Oh my God-dard.


Anonymous said...

We do have some good looking daughter-in-laws. don't we? And you're right they are beautiful in their wedding gown.Oh My God-dard!!

Tami Goddard said...

That was so sweet! I definitely have the best daddy in law anyone could ask for as well. Love you!

Natalie said...

You are such a sweet guy! Who knew an undertaker could have such a soft spot?!

Drew said...

Aww! Thanks Mr. Bruce! I'm so glad you got to see the dress! I can't wait to become an official Goddard and be your official daughter-in-law. I could not have hand picked a better family to become a part of. I love you and Ms. Kathy so much!!