Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Large Slice

When local farmer and picture taker Sidney Bryan took this photo of Buster Byrd in 1978, he wrote these words under it:

"Buster works hard during peanut season and plays hard out of season. Life is a piece of cake and I think Buster will get a large slice."

I think Sidney was not only a farmer but he might have been a prophet as well.

If I remember birthday’s correctly, Buster would have been about to turn 28 years old when Sidney took that picture. At that time, Buster made his living as a peanut farmer and running a family farm service business.

I spent more than a few nights at the Byrd home when I was growing up. Buster, being four years older than his little brother Chuck and me, didn’t cut us much slack during our formative years. Big brothers have a way of doing that to little brothers and their friends.

But I have noticed two things about Buster in the 54 years I’ve known him. He loves to have fun, doesn’t have many enemies and he lives life on the edge.

Okay I guess that’s three things.

But it’s a pretty doggoned positive three things.

I don’t think I have ever run into Buster when he didn’t have a joke to tell or some funny story from days gone by. If the residents of Taylor County, GA have 300 nicknames, Buster made up 275 of them. When I was a little kid, he started calling me Lucy. Everybody in town called me that for years. Buster never calls anybody by their real name but rather by their “Buster” name… and yes he still calls me Lucy.

Buster is also somewhat of a musician. Because of his frequent trips to Panama City Beach Florida, many years ago he wrote a song called “Panama City Nights.” A recording artist picked it up and it became a very popular song played on radio stations in Panama City – and radio stations all over for that matter. Buster formed a band and his group became a headliner at the local PC Beach night spots, riding the popularity wave of his hit song.

A man who understands clearly in order to win you cannot be afraid to lose; Buster has now become a large land owner in many states and has done very well for himself and his family. As Sidney predicted, Buster did get a large slice of the cake.

For the record, Buster not only has a beautiful wife (Charlene must have been taking this picture) but as you can’t help but notice, he has four gorgeous daughters. I happen to know and hug on all of them every time I see them and I can tell you … they love their daddy.

For Buster life as always been a piece of cake. And he did get the large slice.

But make no mistake; the ingredients that make that cake taste so good for Buster are gathered around that table with him.


Judy S said...

I had never thought about it before, but Buster has a nickname for just about everyone he knows. Mine is "Cuz". We are cousins and I am 12 days older. Buster is the combination of two wonderful people. Gloria was one of the sweetest and caring woman that I had ever know. Garland was a great lawyer and businessman, who also loved to have a good time. I see so much of both of them in Buster.

Tommy Byrd said...

Buster--Do you still have the hat and glasses?If so,I want them-cousin Tommy

Anonymous said...

There's just nobody like Buster and nobody like his girsl ! Special!
Kathy G

Mary said...

I would certainly like to be able to somehow acquire that song "Panama City Nights". My husband and I were in PC Beach this weekend and heard it on one of the radio stations and absolutely fell in love with it. I am not sure who was singing it but it meant so much for he and I as we have just recently moved from PCB and loved it so much while we lived there. Do you know how I can get hold of a copy or at least find out who has most recently recorded it?? Please let me know at

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Anonymous said...

buster's slice of cake is so big because he doesn't pay people....he owes us $9,000 dollars for building the dam keyway in mr.Garland's pond. i like buster but i think that's why alot of people with money have money..they are the hardest ones to get your money out of bruce. p.s. this is brad