Sunday, January 18, 2009

Roots Grow Deep for Don's Angels

As you can see, this picture depicts a young dad with his three little girls taken from the past. If my friend could have figured out a way to freeze that moment in time with his three little angels, I’m sure he would have done it.

Moments like this were never meant to be frozen. But they sure are meant to be remembered.

The friend is Don Lane, who lives in Palatine, IL – outside of Chicago. Don’s little angels are Laurie, Melissa and Sue. As you might imagine, these girls are all grown up now and married with kids of their own. Laurie and Sue and their families still live in the Chicago area. Melissa and her family lives in the Houston area. Don and Margi Lane are now enjoying their retirement years.

I am again reminded that life goes by so doggoned quickly.

Don’s girls are special to me because their grandparents were Wade and Hazel Lane who lived for many years in Reynolds, GA. I have written about their Papa and I have written about their Nana. You can click on the links and read some of my thoughts about this couple who greatly impacted my life.

Don’s angels have wonderful memories of their visits as kids to the little town of Reynolds, GA. It’s a long way from Chicago to Reynolds, both in miles and in culture. But because of their beloved grandparents, a piece of Reynolds will forever be in their hearts.

Laurie remembers drinking cokes from the small bottles across the street at Miss Molly’s house. Melissa remembers watching her Nana wake early every morning to spend time praying and reading God’s Word. Sue still remembers the wonderful smell when she walked in her Nana’s house. They all remember Cat Brady’s store and Dealer Down’s hamburgers and Bill’s Dollar Store and working in their Nana’s dress shop. And they remember their Papa’s beautiful handwriting, his letters and his ability to draw. And they will never forget driving their Papa’s blue golf cart all over the golf course. Or jumping in the car with him to chase trains.

And they all remember their grandparents stopping their lives and focusing totally on them when they were in town.

I haven’t asked but I have a feeling Don and Margi Lane are very thankful for the seeds planted in their girls by Don’s parents, Wade and Hazel Lane, in the little town of Reynolds, GA.

Life does go by quickly.

But the roots of the branches that produce good fruit grow very deep.


Sue Lane Amedeo said...

What a wonderful post, Bruce. Thank you! It has been great being in contact with you! Sue Lane Amedeo

Melissa Lane Boncosky said...

Thank you for touching our lives with your special talent Mr. Bruce. How great that we got to pause and reflect on our precious memories for a while this weekend.

Laurie said...

Thank you for taking such an interest in our family. We are so touched and appreciate your interest in us. My sisters and I are so blessed with wonderful parents and grandparents. We feel very lucky to have had so many wonderful, fun moments with each and every person in our lives. Much love, Laurie

Don Lane said...

Hi Bruce,
I thought I was posting a comment last night but must have sent it off into cyberspace. My girls have tried to get me more into blogs and Facebook, but I guess I'm pretty thick-headed. I get a bit lost when I extend much beyond regular email.
Once again, your eloquent pen has bestowed on me and mine a feel-good remembrance of our younger days and a reminder of the basic values that are inherent in loving families in small towns. As have you, I have traveled much and seen a large part of this big country of ours, but a visit back to Reynolds puts it all back into true perspective.
It was just a week ago that I emailed you that I had spent a brief weekend there and had done a little patchwork on both our parents' cemetery plots. What a nice return of that favor this blog posting is.
I am extremely proud of my family, my heritage,being reared in a small town by parents like ours and for very dear friends like you. My daughters have all been smitten by you, and I'm proud of that, as well.
Best regards,

sherry said...

Bruce, thanks for posting picture of Wade and Hazel Lane. Although I didn't know them till much later, it was so nice to see the picture and spend a few minutes remembering them and the beautiful impact they made on our lives as new members of the community and 1st Baptist Church of Reynolds. I remember my husband, Lane going down to check on Miss Hazel before and after Mr Wade died and he would check on her often. Now that my Lane has died I know how important what he did was to her. When she would make a caramel cake Lane would be the first to get a piece. She made the best! She was such an inspiration to me. Both were such a blessing and are truly missed.