Saturday, January 24, 2009

When All We Needed Was Love

I gave my wife a pre-birthday gift this week. Her birthday is this Tuesday, January 27 in case you want to send her a card. If you want to send cash, you can send to me and I will try to get it to her.


The gift was four tickets to the Thursday night performance of Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles that was in town for two nights this week at the Grand Opera House.

I called my lifelong friend and Beatles fan Jimmy Childre, Jr and invited him and Lisa to join us. I really didn’t have to talk him into it either.

We had a blast.

This group sounded and looked exactly like the Beatles. They took us through all the stages of Beatles music, beginning at the Ed Sullivan show to Sgt. Peppers to Magical Mystery Tour to Abbey Road to the White Album and all the places in between. They changed costumes several times. The event was sold out and the crowd was rocking.

I’ll have to admit I spent as much time watching the “old” folks (of which I am a member) dance and sway to the music, with hands waving in the air as I did watching the Beatles tribute. One of the highlights was when Rain started playing Twist and Shout.

I can tell you everybody in the place was twisting and shouting and shakin’ it up baby.

Not bad entertainment for a group of people in attendance whose financial portfolio is probably worth about half of what it was 6 months ago and who are most likely worried about their future.

Beatles music definitely has a way of making 50 something and older folks go back in time when all we needed was love.

I just hope these folks were able to get out of the bed the next day so they could get back to worrying about the economy.


Anonymous said...

Bruce, were you a hippie? Right on brother.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy read you blog. keep them coming.